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The Search According to a Faux Fox
08-03-2014, 11:58 PM,
The Search According to a Faux Fox
I get to join the ranks of failed searchers. Here was my solve.

"I can keep my secret where"- Sentinal meadows, Yellowstone. A sentinel is a guard who is known to keep guard over something and not let intruders pass.

"Begin it where warm waters halt" Sentinal Creek where it meets the Firehole River, but more closely look at this map and see that a "warm creek" meets the Sentinal Creek. The fact that Sentinal is spelled wrong like Forrest said also points to it, also sentinels say "halt! who goes there?" to identify people (do some digging and you will see). Also in TTOTC, Forrest often says the phrase "just stood there" the military teaches that a sentinel (guard) should do his best to stand there and not react to anything. This is the best WWWH I ever knew. Also in one of the "Scrapbook" sections on Dal's Blog he mentions a stone pillar looking like a sentinel, so I know he knows the word...

I figured all the other stuff would fall into place, like the Home of Brown and too far to walk, but I did not find anything.

It was no place for the meek with the insects and disgusting marshy ground.

I never felt like I ever took it in the canyon down because I was actually walking upstream the whole time, but I thought maybe Forrest was meaning something else by it.

Here is the next great solve part. "There'll be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high". Look on google maps and you will find that up Sentinal creek there are some sinter cone formations, one of which is called "Steep Cone" or something like that, for water high, and then there is the Queens Laundry. Surprisingly, not many people know about this place. Look into it, it is pretty cool and historical with the ruins of an old bath house next to it. I figured that the Queens Laundry would be one heavy LOAD! (yeah I came up with that on my own and laughed about it for a while, but it was dang good!) In TTOTC he says that the cats that gathered around him while he milked Bessie were like "wet socks" hanging on the line or something like that, which would make a great hint to it, also he calls Frosty "The Ruler" while he is working at his dishes job. Coincidence? I think not.

It was not a hard hike at all, so I think he could have made it there with the treasure, and when I got to the parking lot on Fountain Flat Drive, there was only about one car because no one knows of this place, so he could hide it secretly with ease. I could find a ton of burned tree stumps that could have been blazes, but they weren't because I checked around every one I saw and have no gold. The trees around there are no good for carving trail blazes into either.

So yeah, I poked around a lot but could not match too many clues and ended up going home empty handed. If somehow that was the right solve and I was just too dumb at the time to piece it together, I hope if anyone goes there after they read this and find old Fenn's trove, they remember old Silent who led them there and cuts me two percent or so.

I was going to take pics, but I could not find my camera before I left home... oh well. Pretty good for a teenager, right?
08-04-2014, 12:13 AM,
The Search According to a Faux Fox
Good job on your solve. It's great to hear the younger crowd putting in time in the Chase.

Pays to be a winner.
08-04-2014, 01:39 AM,
The Search According to a Faux Fox
That is a fantastic solve! I liked how everything lined up for you, sorry you didn't find it out there.

I saw a lot off potential solves in the Lower Geyser Basin last year when I was researching the area. Almost too many to search.
08-04-2014, 07:02 PM,
The Search According to a Faux Fox
Jolly good show there Faux...Not too shabby for a sprite...Keep pluggin' away at it...Good luck... Smile
08-19-2014, 10:06 PM,
The Search According to a Faux Fox
Yeah, I thought I had a dang good "heavy loads and water high", but I suppose everyone thinks they have a "good" solve.

I spent about $6.00 on that trip (Utah to Yellowstone) just because I persuaded my step-father to take my younger brother and I. That was spent on snacks for the road. We brought some treasure hunting equipment (not into Yellowstone) like a metal detector and an old particle discriminator or whatever it was that helps you find gold. We used it around some old battlefield in Idaho where the Indians fought the U.S. troops and the troops supposedly stashed their payroll while retreating and no one has found it yet. Something like that. I think it was already found or just not there anymore. To sum it up, some suspicious guy who came with his family called the cops on me as I tried to hide the particle discriminator with our drink cooler while my step-father followed a signal with his witching rods... Treasure hunting is evidently a frowned-upon hobby I guess. Luckily we were on our way out by the time the cops got there so we had the equipment stowed out of sight. They noticed the cooler in the back of the truck and searched it because they got a complaint of "a suspicious kid (me) sitting on a cooler that looked like it had wires sticking out of it". They found nothing and we got away free.

Where is society's sense of adventure these days? Mind your own business all you people who are jealous of my hi-tech cooler and suspicious looks!
08-19-2014, 10:13 PM,
The Search According to a Faux Fox
That was pretty much my only shot at searching for Fenn's trove for a few years. Unless I am struck with some crazy inspiration and "know" where the treasure is, i'm out of the search. There goes my excuse to meet Fenn in person and blow 3,000$ on a sword...

Good luck to you all!
08-20-2014, 12:30 AM,
The Search According to a Faux Fox
SFF same thing that happened to you has happened to many thousands of others. If it makes you feel any better it's only happened to me about 25 X.
09-02-2014, 09:57 PM,
The Search According to a Faux Fox
yes. could not agree more.
09-02-2014, 10:15 PM,
The Search According to a Faux Fox
oh, btw anyone who thinks it is fun to search near thermal areas in Yellowstone... tap the ground with your foot occasionally and you will understand that you should be on a trail and not a few inches from the death of your life! wait what?

not in a dangerous location.

if it is in Yellowstone, it is very close to a trail.

All the gold in the world is not worth dying for, because you end up with none in the end.
09-08-2014, 01:21 AM,
The Search According to a Faux Fox
I was out searching off trail in Yellowstone along a creek with very small thermal bubblings along its shore. I was stepping carefully and one bootfall let loose a gurgle and hiss of steam. Scared the hell out of me and I got back on the main trail pronto.

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