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This video bugs me.
09-12-2014, 01:14 PM,
This video bugs me.
The following video bugs me for a couple reasons.

First, I can't hear it. I can't imagine what I won't hear on YT as

I get older. I'm not blaming the video as much as I blame YT. I can't

hear half the videos without turning everything else off in the house

and chasing everyone from the room.

Second, why do the two guys on Forrest's right keep talking for

him? This was his project. He went in alone. But these guys are acting

all hyped up about it. What do they have to gain by the whole thing?

I realize desertphile (mountain man) was there that day. Maybe he has insight into it.

Desrtphiles versions is a little louder. edit- OOPS! The link is to his video. I thought

I used the quieter link. Desertphiles link actually cuts off right after the guy starts

talking about fist sized gold. And it being still in the safe. I'll post other video

link if I can relocate it.

Third- The guy to Forrest's far right comments about seeing the Treasure

and how some gold is as big as a fist. The part that bothers me the most is

the treasures existence is questioned. If Forrest did in fact hide it. The guy

to the far right (on Forrest's right). Said something about it no longer being

in Forrest's safe. That's a odd comment to me. Does the guy go in Forrest's safe

a lot. It's a vague answer because it might not be in the safe. Maybe it's

now on the desk, floor or mantel. Anywhere but outside north of Sante Fe.

It just doesn't prove anything to say it's not in his safe.
09-12-2014, 09:36 PM,
This video bugs me.
I always feel like its a carefully scripted discussion, that Forrest has told them what he wants covered . Its no coincidence that both of them are also authors, and if you pay close attention to what they say and Forrest's reactions to their talk that you learn more. Its interesting to watch the looks between them.
Shhh they aren't listening.

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