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Another video
09-15-2014, 09:50 PM,
Another video
Stephanie is mentioned in this video. Admin Stephanie?

First, has the treasure been found yet? It's kind of like asking

how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

The world may never know. One because the finder most likely will

never tell because it would create instant tax debt on a gov. made up value.

Plus it may not actually exist. Meaning that maybe it was never hidden.

The place that came to mind by just looking at the poem is now slipping

away while I read the books. But comments like in the following video

make me return to my first idea of where it might be. Does Fenn really want

anyone to find the treasure? I don't think so. Because then it would be over

and he wants to go down in history and be recognized in the future.

Around 31:36 he says something like: I haven't given a clue that was going to

help anyone. When he hid it he didn't really want it to be found for 100 or 1000

years. Same with his bells and jars. They are not intended for us. They are intended

for the people in the future.

So since he really has not given a clue that would actually help. Are there really

any clues in the books or are the stories meant to mislead? Is the treasure really

in the map or is the map meant to mislead? Can we only really trust the poem?

What are your thoughts?
09-16-2014, 01:12 AM,
Another video
Examples as to why it wouldn't be a good idea to say anything if someone did find the treasure.

California couple in $10M gold find may owe gov’t about half, report says-

Feds seize gold coins worth $80 mln from Pennsylvania family -

Related to Pa case- Executive Order 6102 -

And this is another reason why gold is not a great investment if the gov will eventually just

want to take it away from you. Then you have to hide and not spend any gold you try to keep.

Also- In the book Too far to walk, one story talks about Fenn riding a bike into Yellowstone to take baths.

Many people may think this is a good place to search. If the gold was there then his grandchildren

could just go there anytime because they have been there before. Do stories like that mislead people?
09-16-2014, 07:28 AM,
Another video
Imagine a puzzle that requires 100 years, multiple generations of searchers, and is one of the greatest unsolved mysterious of the current generation; could anyone hold back and keep it a secret if they solved it?

If this is why Forrest thinks the finder will come forward then it tells us two things

1. The solution is harder than many believe.

2. The person(s) who does solve it will have invested so much time and effort that the money couldn't have been the main motivational factor. This requires a real treasure seeker who is after the thrill of the chase.

Forrest is counting on both and wanted a real treasure hunt like you see in Indiana Jones.
09-16-2014, 07:38 AM,
Another video

I wanted to add an important point. I think the chest is for anyone who can find it and don't think there's a clock that precludes anyone from finding it today. But it will take planning, research and thinking and some wisdom to wade through all this crap that we now have.

But someday, maybe tomorrow or maybe 100 years from now, a deep thinker will figure it out. Whom ever that is will probably want the recognition for it and consider the thrill of being the finder to outweigh the IRS tax bill or trouble with the government.

09-16-2014, 09:50 AM,
Another video
Don't forget he said he thought it may be found sooner than he anticipated, so one of us must have hit a nerve.
09-16-2014, 11:01 AM,
Another video
But if he has not given any clues that would actual help, was anyone really

that close? (related to found sooner thing) Something like that may be said to motivate people to continue looking.

Just like when he said people have been so many feet from the treasure.

Maybe that was also said to just motivate people to keep looking. Just like when he told Stephanie that

she didn't want to know who was closer, her or Dal.

So he may feel security in knowing that the treasure is a place where nobody is looking.

This is not related to where I think the treasure is located. Where is the information

about him flying up canyons to find caves? I haven't read anything about that in the books


09-16-2014, 11:47 AM,
Another video
what would be better than give one away,

then hide another using same poem.

i've always felt the finder may be instructed to leave half, with their flashlight LOL
09-16-2014, 01:12 PM,
Another video
Fenn has commented about not going anywhere a 79/80 year old couldn't

go. How about a 79/80 year old that is in pretty good shape, was a pilot

and has enough money to go anywhere. Plus has the will to go anywhere.

In one interview he said something like a few searchers could put their

money together for gas to get the treasure. First, was this comment misleading

and it's close. Or is it far?

Like I have said before. I think I know basically where it is because the poem

says where it is. But I really do not want to go there. But was planning on going

to that state but not that part of the state. If I am right, many people would

have a duh moment. I'm not sure when we'll actually get a chance to make our trip.

We've been planning to make it for a couple years now.

I would love to tell Stephanie just because I would rather see her find it than Dal.

But once you release info, you can't take it back. I would also like at least a small

part of the treasure. The treasure doesn't motivate me as much as wanting to simply

be correct. Then if you tell someone and they don't think it's correct. They might tell

others. It's all so complicated.

Once again, I could be wrong like so many people. But I could be right.

I also wonder how many people have searched in Arizona? If any. Some videos show people

traveling from Arizona to N.M.


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