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FFs Foundry
07-12-2013, 01:47 PM,
FFs Foundry

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from Boo on July 12, 2013, 2:41 pm</b>

Now I'm thinking of changing my name to Boo Somebody, cuz I truly hope that Somebody eventually finds it. But that would make my initials B.S., so Nobody would believe me. Or would he? Who's on first? No, who's on second. Tomwhat's on first?

Don't say I did not believe you and I wish you the best of luck B.S.

So August is coming due for you here shortly and its like waiting for a tea kettle to boil almost. I can't wait to hear of your adventure.
07-12-2013, 02:46 PM,
FFs Foundry
Uh Tim, I kinda snuck off to my spot after I met with you and your wife. I was there June 20th. I didn't tell a soul except my ex-wife, as I didn't want to look foolish (again) after coming home so many times empty handed. She already thinks I'm a fool, so...

I'm still not ready to go full public with my spot, so I'll email you with my findings (or lack thereof). I did bring that thing-a-ma-bob you gave me, but didn't need it. I will say that after returning home, I have some different ideas on the search, the poem, and that particular spot. I plan in returning there sometime before the summer is over. This time I'm 100% absolutely kinda sorta maybe possibly sure I have this thing figured out.

Sorry to be so cryptic to the general viewing audience, but I still have so much faith in my spot that I can't just blurt out info. Hey, if anyone is interested, email me and maybe we can exchange ideas or whatever. I'm not above having someone join me in that final walk to the chest. Is there a Bob Someone out there? A Suzy Anyone? A lonely rich widow? Boo
07-13-2013, 12:42 AM,
FFs Foundry
Hey Boo, there's no shame in coming home empty-handed, only in not going at all!

Also, it kinda sounds like you are looking for a sugar-momma / sugar-daddy to fund a few more searches the Rockies. If you find one, let me know!
07-15-2013, 02:39 PM,
FFs Foundry
No, not looking for any kind of sponsor. I decided that all my searches will be done with my own money, but on a shoestring budget, and by the seat of my pants. Just a cell phone, some maps, a few notes scribbled on the back of an envelope, something to eat, and good old chutzpah. But most of my searches have been alone, as other family members have jobs and school that keep them from going with me. It would be nice to share some of my adventures with someone else. I'll even give them one of the coins in the chest, HA HA HA HA (maniacal laugh), cuz that lonely rich widow doesn't need the money. Boo
07-16-2013, 11:42 AM,
FFs Foundry
Yes, I researched the Shidoni Foundry before I even got Forrest's book and just knew he knew the owner and of course he did. Mr. Fenn still has a connection to his old Gallery and his name is in with the new Gallery owner's his name is first but I believe he is selling or has sold the apartments and is in some way still connected. I just researched that recently. All of the Art World in NM is somehow connected to Mr. Fenn and his little hands are in all of the little pies around the state. Did you know there is a gallery or shop called Huckleberry Fenn Art Gallery somewhere in Nm . Their location headquarter is out of state but I bet Mr. Fenn knows them too you know he does and has ties to them too. Research is just going full circle and is annoying me to find the right spot. I want to go back and maybe go to Colorado Stephanie, Jen and Dal we need to get together and put our heads and clues together and find it before it drives me crazy. One of my Home of Brown's did not pan out but would have been a great one for Mr. Fenn when I asked him about it before we went on our trip, he told me to jump into the chase and follow my heart. He wants all people to go on adventure as he has and that the chest is just an added bonus if you are lucky enough or smart enough to find it. Quests are self discovery and in the eye of the beholder of what is important and what is not. Thanks... Ms. Girl JMW
07-16-2013, 12:37 PM,
FFs Foundry
When I worked in the art biz back in the 90's here in New Mexico, I dealt with Shidoni foundry quite often, dropping off pieces or picking them up. Sad thing is, I don't remember anything about it, or anyone who worked there. It was just another usual stop I made when doing business around Santa Fe. I also dealt with all the major galleries in Santa Fe, but didn't pay attention to who was who, or even the galleries' names. I don't even remember Forrest Fenn's name being thrown around, or anything about his gallery, although I must have walked by it a hundred times. I got to work with some well known artists, or rubbed elbows with them, but I just didn't care enough about art to learn more about them (R.C. Gorman was smelly, by the way). I was just a worker bee who did what he was told, and really didn't get into the artist's circles. I even had a little side business of my own, stretching canvas, building things, or making runs to regional galleries for artists.

Now I wish I had paid more attention back then to the who's who and what they did and what-not. I was in the perfect place to learn about Forrest Fenn, maybe even get to know him, but I didn't really like the art world, so I did my job with blinders on. Dang. Boo

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