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Just The Facts?
07-10-2013, 04:52 PM,
Just The Facts?

I keep seeing lists describing “The Facts” concerning Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Hunt. The only problem I see with these compilations is that they list Mr. Fenn’s Today Show clues as facts and not as clues that will help you find his hidden Treasure Chest. The list-writers keep saying that if Forrest said it, then it must be a fact. Well, Forrest says that the four Today Show clues are simply that, CLUES.

The tenth clue: “The treasure is hidden higher than 5,000 feet above sea level.” Somewhere in that statement is hidden a clue; a clue that will help you find the treasure: something more than it’s above 5000 feet. Perhaps the term “Sea level” means something. I’m not saying I know what the clue is, (though I have an idea as to what this clue refers to) I’m just saying that if Mr. Fenn says it’s a clue, then it is. The elevation clue is the only positive statement of the Today Show clues. Clues eleven, twelve, and thirteen all contain the word <b>“not”</b> and are negatively oriented.

The eleventh clue: “No need to dig up the old outhouses, the treasure is <b>not</b> associated with any structure. I've been told that Forrest had to say this to keep people from digging in outhouses. Really? Would you dig in an outhouse? Outhouses are famous for having Crescent Moons on the doors. There’s a Crescent Moon on pages 145 and 146 (two sides of the same page) in “The Thrill of the Chase.” Perhaps Forrest is pointing out the bird’s nest that’s sitting on that Crescent Moon. Maybe that’s a clue. Maybe there’s something on those two pages that’s a clue. Again, I’m not saying I know, I’m just saying that the eleventh clue is more than just a fact.

The twelfth clue: The treasure is <b>not</b> in a cemetery. Another clue that sounds like a fact. It’s not in a cemetery. So don’t look there, okay? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I don’t think the Treasure Chest is in a cemetery, but I’ll bet a cemetery is somehow involved. Perhaps there’s a cemetery near where the Chest is hidden. My take on this is that the cemetery on pages 37 and 41 in “The Thrill of the Chase” [b]is[/b] the cemetery this clue refers to. (Side note: 37 and 41 are the 12th and 13th prime numbers respectively.) It’s my belief that “the cross” in the cemetery on those pages is the beginning point for a map I believe you have to construct if you want to find the hidden Treasure Chest. The fact that Forrest is looking away from the cross, or the X as I've come to know it, may means something as well. Still working on that. Maybe Tombstone, AZ has something to do with a map you might need to construct? Just thinking out loud here.

The thirteenth clue: It’s <b>not</b> hidden in Idaho or Utah. Just another fact? Don’t look there, okay? There’s a mirror image of Utah on the dust cover of “The Thrill of the Chase” in the way the three photos overlap. (Side note: Mr. Fenn calls his book a “mirror” on page 4.) Perhaps the thirteenth clue means to examine the cover photos. If the picture with the two horses is a mirror image of Utah, then the photo of Forrest holding fish and standing next to a sign that says “WATER” would represent a mirror image of Wyoming. Begin it where warm waters halt? Wyoming is bordered by both Utah and Idaho. And Wyoming starts with a “W” like “Where Warm Waters.” So, I suppose Wyoming would be a good place to start searching. And to those who’ll say it’s not a very actuate representation of Utah and Wyoming depicted in the photo overlap: if you eliminate the white borders of the photos and just look at the actual photos, it’s a much closer depiction. So, is it just a fact to <b>not</b> look in Utah or Idaho, or could it mean more? Something to do with Wyoming, maybe?

As long as I’m on the thirteenth clue, here’s a curiosity. Isn't Mr. Fenn always asking perspective searchers why they are not out looking for the Treasure? If you push the names Idaho and Utah together, IDAHOUTAH you can see the word OUT right in the middle of the jumble, not that that means anything in particular: like I say, just a curiosity. Switch their places, UTAHIDAHO, and you can see the word HID in the middle. HID OUT? Both Idaho and Utah start with vowels. The first line and last line of the nine-clue poem start with vowels; A and I. A and I are also the enlarged brown letters in the “Gold and More” section of the book. Apparently AI has a special meaning. Another curiosity.

What about the number 5? It’s hidden 5000 feet above sea level. Searchers have been within 500 feet of the Treasure. What’s next? 50 feet near something? 5 feet up? Page 5 in the book has the song lyrics in which “Fate deals you four cards and a Joker.” (Five cards) So what’s the deal (no pun intended) with the number 5? (5 is the 3rd prime.)

And what about the first nine clues? If clues eleven (a prime), twelve (leading to pages that are primes), and thirteen (a prime), are all negative clues (having the word “not” in their structure and sounding very much like facts), what does that say about the first nine? Are they negatively biased as well? Not that there’s a definition of the first nine clues. I’ve seen nothing that defines just what they are. Maybe I should ask those people that seem to know “the facts?”

In a HD-Net interview with Mr. Fenn by Jennifer London, Forrest says, “The secret is to think, and analyze, and you can find the chest.” He continued, “You just can’t get out of your car and walk over into the woods and walk to it.” Apparently, however, that seems to be most people’s plan. They hope, armed with “the facts,” to do just that, to get out of their car and happen upon the Chest. Even though Forrest says that it won’t happen accidentally. I believe that you have to analyze and find the hidden meaning of “the clues.” The Today Show clues are more than just statements telling you what NOT to do; they’re clues.

So to all of you fact-junkies, I think maybe you need to back up 5 feet and look again. If you choose to ignore “Forrest Fenn’s Clues” and simply call them “facts” you will not find the hidden Treasure Chest. But keep looking. Maybe Forrest is wrong and you will happen upon it accidentally. Somehow, I don’t think Forrest is wrong. Sincerely, C. G. Knight.

(I work a very demanding job and don't have much time to come here, but I will try and respond, as time permits, to any of you that want to comment. So please be patient. Thanks.)

07-10-2013, 07:51 PM,
Just The Facts?
What Steph said.

But wow, great observations, thanks for taking the time to write all that!

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