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My Location Theory - Give it a Try
04-29-2015, 12:34 PM,
My Location Theory - Give it a Try
Forrest is a known, avid fisherman, specifically fly fishing. I believe this poem is loaded with fishing references specific to New Mexico, which lead us to one of his old fishing spots. Please feel free to try using this as a map and see if it yields anything. I’m not going to NM anytime soon. I just like puzzles. Good Luck!

<b>Begin it where warm waters halt</b>

- New Mexico classifies species of fish by warm and cold water. Warm water species (bass, walleye, pike, and catfish) are found in still water like lakes and ponds. Cold water species, such as trout, are found in rivers and streams. It actually took understanding a later clue to decipher that the starting point is the dam at Eagle Nest Lake, which is where the Cimarron River begins.

<b>And take it in the canyon down,</b>

- Head down river

<b>Not far, but too far to walk.</b>

-You will need to drive

<b>Put in below the home of Brown.</b>

- This clue was the key in figuring it all out. “Brown” is not referring to a person, but rather a fish. Brown is the term often used by fishermen when talking about the Brown Trout. Many species of trout are in NM, including Brown, Rainbow, Gila, and Brook trout. The Cimarron River is widely known to locals as a trout haven. The shallow water in the River makes in very accessible and desirable for fly fishermen. The Cimarron River flows through the Cimarron Canyon State Park. Starting at the Tolby Campground and Park office, there is a 1.6 mile stretch of the River called “Special Trout Water”. This is an area of the river that is known for its abundance of trout fishing and artificial lures are allowed. The Special Trout Water is the “home of Brown”, or where the Brown trout are easily caught. Just as you pass the end of the Special trout water, there is a pull-off on the south side of HWY 64. This is where you “put in”, or enter the water just downstream of the special trout water.

<b>From there it's no place for the meek,</b>

- the “meek, meaning spiritless. You have to have a spirit of adventure to get this far. Fenn loved adventure. He loved the outdoors and knows that not everyone enjoys this type of experience. You will have to walk in the river.

<b>The end is ever drawing nigh;</b>

- You are getting closer

<b>There'll be no paddle up your creek,

Just heavy loads and water high.</b>

- The Cimarron river normally is very shallow. No paddle up your creek means you can traverse the water without a boat. However, “just heavy loads and water high” is a term that refers to flash flooding. Heavy loads are the debris that the high waters of flash floods can carry. So, you can walk in the river except during flash floods. Be careful and know your weather before attempting. Flash Floods are dangerous. You should head back upstream from where you entered the water, toward the special trout water.

<b>If you've been wise and found the blaze,

Look quickly down, your quest to cease,</b>

- You will be looking for a tree with some sort of marking on it. A blaze is a marking on a tree. The treasure will be located under/near that marked tree. I believe that Fenn likely marked a tree to identify his favorite fishing spot so he could easily find it when the area had lots of debris from recent flash floods.

<b>But tarry scant with marvel gaze,

Just take the chest and go in peace.</b>

- Take a minute to think about what you have accomplished and take off with your treasure.

My decryption of the original clues also fits his more recent clues on the Today Show. This is above 5000 ft, there are no structures, no graveyard, and its not in Utah or Idaho. In addition, Fenn has mentioned that people have been within 200 feet of the treasure and not known it. Those people were there to fish, not look for treasure. This is why they have not found it.


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