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Sponsor Me ?
07-22-2013, 09:28 AM,
Sponsor Me ?
I have just discovered how to post a new topic. You can teach an ol dog new tricks, just takes longer.

Big Grin

What would be needed for a successful sponsorship? How could it work?
07-22-2013, 10:34 AM,
Sponsor Me ?

I assume you are thinking of investors bankrolling a searcher in return for a profitably large cut of the treasure, correct? It is an interesting concept, much like venture capital. I see one big problem though. Investors are going to want to be really convinced the searcher can find the treasure before they would be at all willing to invest. It would be difficult to convince them without giving away so much information that they won't need the searcher anymore and could just go get the treasure themselves. Having a solid track record as a hidden treasure finder might help convince them to sponsor a search. I guess none of us here need apply.

07-22-2013, 12:19 PM,
Sponsor Me ?
I'm with the old timers and how they do it. You raise your own money, do your own research and everything else. By the time you achieve something, you won't need other people. If you don't achieve anything, your washed out of the clubSmile

Sold Forrest's book on EBay for over $450.00 and raised another $1500 by artifacts sales. Was able to get out in the field last week and do a trip for free. Most people are in a rush and to much hard work going this slow way.

We had so much fun Forrest!! Yeah, how does that credit card payment feel?

As for shipwrecks, was researcher and diver for a shipwreck company. If your not a sophisticated investor, stay out.

Oh I'm smart with money, a sophisticated investor is someone with assets outside of employment of $1 million plus.

07-22-2013, 12:50 PM,
Sponsor Me ?

Deep sea treasure hunting is monumentally expensive. It takes ships, ROVs, side-scan sonar rigs, professional recovery divers, a huge crew of people, and tanker loads of fuel. The amount of money it takes to pay for all that is beyond the means of everyone but governments and a few billionaires. The only way it gets done is by lots of rich people and corporations banding together to sponsor an expedition. But all the big players in the recovery game have proven reputations for successfully finding and recovering sunken treasure. So it really isn't much of a risk for investors. It is almost a guaranteed windfall. Only occasionally do things go wrong and the investors lose money.

I can't see anyone sponsoring any of us on our quest. We don't have a particularly good track record of success. So far it is a big fat zero for all the searches that have been done. Some have failed more than others (I'm not naming names). The potential for return on the investment is just about zero.

Instead of looking for sponsors, maybe people here should be banding together and sharing resources. Maybe several people could work together, sharing their resources, to search each of their sites if they are reasonably close together. Agree in advance how to split the treasure if any one of the sites is the right one. There are problems to overcome to make it work, but I think that is far more likely than finding sponsors.
07-22-2013, 01:13 PM,
Sponsor Me ?
Well Step not telling anyone what to do. Different ways to play the game.

When I was younger would run slower so other kids wouldn't feel slower. Played more dumb so others wouldn't feel dumb. Thou they knew who was faster and smarter. Funny watching them gloat over me. Making me feel bad and less then them. They had money which they assumed entitled them to intelligence or everything for that matter. No hard work needed.

Now being older, don't care how others feel (rarely what others think) about me running faster or being smarter.

Going to push it to a level have never pushed it to in everything I do.



The book was bought for $35.00 and the artifacts where found around the lake I live at. Took all last year and this year finding them and selling them.

07-22-2013, 02:17 PM,
Sponsor Me ?
Thnx to all for the feedback. My computer was being reflickded or I would have responded earlier. I think I was thinking more along the line of a sponsorship in return for advertising. Perhaps like the magazine Rick brought to my attention with another post. Would they pay for my story of searching for treasure? So I should send a query to magazines. Yes I am trying to raise cash without the proverbial bakesale or garage sale. It seems this forum helps me to think outloud or to focus better than on my own. So thank yall for the forum, your time and thoughts.
07-22-2013, 02:23 PM,
Sponsor Me ?

Seen a women give $30,000 in cash as a investor with a shipwreck company and was given back $40,000 in "shipwreck gold" 1 year later.

In reality she was given back $30,000 in gold (which was bought at the low end of the price of gold by the shipwreck company for $20,000)

and given a inflated value of $10,000 since it was "shipwreck gold." The company really made $10,000 and was given a $30,000 loan interest for free for 1 year. She broke even and nothing was done illegal by any parties.

What do I know? As you said:

<i>So it really isn't much of a risk for investors. It is almost a guaranteed windfall. Only occasionally do things go wrong and the investors lose money.



07-22-2013, 02:31 PM,
Sponsor Me ?
You don't get a sponsor out of the blue with no past record of success. You will find people with money to invest don't part with it on a whim and a dream. Those that do, don't have money for long. This is the kind of search you bankroll yourself, find the treasure, then use this success as part of your portfolio to get sponsors in the future. Maybe.

Anyone could go hunt this treasure for a week for under a thousand dollars. Far less if you don't have to fly and rent a car. Not living high off the hog, I'm talking tent, sleeping bag, canned food. This is probably the easiest treasure to look for we will ever encounter in our lives. Every other gold treasure is sunk under thousands of feet of water, hundreds of miles from shore, in an area prone to ship-sinking storms.
07-22-2013, 02:33 PM,
Sponsor Me ?
This idea now seems to me to be similar to the how to earn a living without college question that was asked of Mr. Fenn. I think I need more imagination and hustle to get to the treasure. That said, I still appreciate any ideas.

07-22-2013, 02:48 PM,
Sponsor Me ?
Actually I thought sea treasure investors were able to take tax write-off should the treasure not be found so they never lose. It's always a win-win. I do wonder sometimes whether the days of someone pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps is over. To work smarter not harder is my intention.

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