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Treasure Hunt 1.0 in NM
07-10-2015, 05:54 PM,
Treasure Hunt 1.0 in NM
May 7, 2015

Finally had a chance to head out into the wilderness to look for the Fenn Treasure. Having deciphered the poem and came up with the solution, I was convinced that I would return with the treasure. I could hardly sleep and was already running late by 6:30. Wearing my appropirate forrest green shirt and blue jeans, I quickly gathered everything needed (the poem, a flashlight for looking at night, and a solution to the puzzle). Since this trip was going to be short, I only grabbed a few bananas, a candy bar, a jug of tea. The last item was a case to conseal the treasure for transport to my car.

After about 3 hours worth of passing everything on the highway headed west on Highway 56 , a blaze of red and blue lights appeared in my rear view window. I knew this was a sign. Fortunately, the Morton County sherriffs department was sympathetic to my cause. It was on to Oklahoma and New Mexico.

The first stop was at Springer and the Cimarron river area. I looked around for Browns, Blazes and other signs that the treasure could be in this area. Unfortunately, aside from the placard on the Brown hotel, I could not get the clues to match. I headed on towards Cimmaron, hoping to find the Philmont Ranch. Unfortunately, I missed the road and ended up going through Cimmaron and on into the forrest.

I kept looking for blazes and finally came across the Old Mans Face area and assume this outcropping and decided to take a picture. Spent a couple minutes relating this to the OLD Man in the Mirror poem and then decided to save it for later.

The road emptied out of the forest passage into my honey hole, Eagles Nest Lake. I had it all figured out. Wheeler Mountain, Six mile Creek, the Brown Bears, the Canyon, the meek, water high and heavy loads, pinion trees, sage brush, waterfalls, warm waters were all there just like I saw them on Google.

My google search had proved fruitful and I was ready eat honey. Well, all I found was crow. Wheeler Peak and Six Mile Creek were nothing like I pictured them in my google mind. Beautiful as they are, they did not add up to the poem. After 3 hours of looking, I dropped my head in disappointment. Had I not taken enough bananas?; did I need to smile at more homely women?; did I need to drink more tea?. …..why couldn’t i find the treasure.

I was down and out but not defeated. The Vietnam War Memorial was next and close, only a few miles down the road. Unfortunately after a tour of the parking lot and a quick peek inside, I decided that this place was more important than Forest Fenn and it would be in bad taste to place a monetary treasure here. At this point I should apologize to all those who have read my posts on the treasure being in the Eagles Nest area and especially to the fake fisherman at the end of Six Mile Creek.

It was getting on to about 4:00 in the afternoon by the time I reached the information center for the Rio Grande. There was a vistors center and I had drank way too much tea. Upon entering, I was met by a kind gentleman and a raven haired women with brown skin. I kindly asked the young man if they had a map of the area and further south. Unfortunately, he did not. Instead he offered me some maps of the Gorge and places north. I smiled at the raven haired women and we began a conversation about farming and ORGANIC farming. She was from Maine and had spent the summer in Arizona and was camping out. A pajirito gently suckled nectar from the feeder hanging in the reception area. I asked the guide if he had heard of Forrest Fenn. He laughed and informed me that it was all a hoax and that from time to time visitors would come looking for information about the area and their plans to find the treasure. It was getting late and I needed a place to stay, so I headed south. It was about 5:30 when I came across a statue of a horse and rider along the side of the road. My inquisitive nature took over and a changed my course 180 degrees and headed back north. The statue was of San Juan D’Onate. A roadside marker told the story of his arrival from Mexico to this spot to establish San Gabriel as the territorial capital of the area and declaring Spain as the ruler of the land. Considering the Indians had been here for 1000’s of years, I found this most interesting. It later stated that this was the first capitol in the land called These United States. Well, it was at this point that the universe converged. Had i found the HOME OF BROWN. After all, the warm waters had halted above me and I had followed a canyon down, was this the home of brown.

It was getting late, but with new found enthusiasm, I passed through the town of Espanola. Espanola, he wait a minute, that means Spain, Home of Brown. I knew this was a sign so i quickly looked for a hotel to stay in. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a sign for the Cities of Gold casino. I knew this was a sign. I checked in and called it a day.

I could hardly sleep and in fact I slept only about 1 hour. I was trying to decifer the clues after the Home of Brown. Unfortunately, all of the names around the area are in Indian Tewa or Spanish. This was going to be impossible, without the help of some translation.

Luckily I had the anthology of the TEWA language 1908 copy with me in order to assist in this matter. At this point, I should mention that I had already done two months of research on Spanish and Tewa names in New Mexico and knew what Po, Ohkay Owingney, Pojoque, Otowi, and many other names translated into. Many have to do with water, and place names. For instance, Otowi means a place where water re-enters the earth. Pojoque means place of water. Ohwy Owingey means a place of strong people. TRUTH IS, this was were I was headed to begin with WHITE ROCK.( my blaze). So here is what I had: Canyon Down -Rio Grande Canyon, HOB-Espanola, Ohway Owingeh-Place of stong people, Heavy Loads and Water High were simple-just look at the volcanic flows and the high water basin they created. All I needed was a blaze.

Incidently, I had followed all the blogs where, trains, bicycles, and other subtle clues were mentioned. The Chili Line had ran from Santa Fe to Antonito, CO and crossed at the Otowi bridge. Also, the OTOWI bridge was named an historic site because of the TEA that was served at the Otowi crossing by the relatives of the founders of the RANCH SCHOOL in Los Alomos. Thats right the manhattan project displaced the first program in the United States that was modeled after a program in England that eventually became the boy scouts.

I could not put my forrest green shirt and pants on fast enough. I packed my bananas, a jug of tea, and grinned at the hotel staff as I headed out for white rock. I was headed to the Pajarito Plateau. The hunt would soon be over. The circle of life where waters halt to where waters return to the earth. I expected to find a bicylcle half emerged in water that had been ridden off of the Otowi bridge.

Unfortunately, all I found was a lock on a gate and a couple of run down buildings. My spirit was shattered in a million pieces just like the pottery of the Tewa Tribes. There was no bicycle, no blaze. Where did I go wrong. Had I not smiled at enough women, was it too much tea, should I bring more bananas. After all, I was at the train tracks, I should be able to grab all the bananas.

Why did I not have the treasure?

I had not found the treasure, but I was really on vacation and had intended to go to the White Rock Park observation deck. There were some videos on line about it. I moved swiftly to the observaton deck and found myself in awe of a marvel gaze. It was truly breathtaking and in fact the most incredible spot that I had found so far on my adventure. The smell of sage and pinion started to drift over me and a gentle breeze calmed my now shattered nerves about the treasure. Then suddenly I wondered…. is this the Marvel Gaze. Should I be looking here? I jumped up from the picnic table and scurried around the observation platform and what did I see. A yellow cigarette lighter. Alas I had found the blaze.

I kept the lighter as a souvenier and entertained the thought that this could be the marvel gaze. Where to look? Well the poem said down. So I looked down and could not believe my eyes, there was a rock formation in the shape of an X right there in front of me. Now for a flatlander farmer from Kansas that was gonna be a long hike. Was it worth it? My better sense washed over me like a New Mexico waterfall and remembered that it could not be where a 80 year old would not venture. I returned to my car for study and reflection.

I must have dozed off for a half hour or so before I returned to the observation deck. A middle age couple from the area arrived just in time to finish thier walk. I struck up a conversation with the locals who insisted on describing the area. Over there is buckman where the chili line would haul wood from the forrest, you can see wheeler and taos mountain over there, they call that formation alligator mountain over there, if you go over there you can visit the puey caves, look at all the volcanic flows that turned into rivers, here is where the rock eroded away and the canyon began to form, you cannot see Santa Fe, but it is around the horseshoe as we call it.

My mind nearly exploded and the hunt was on again. This could be a special place to f. The puey caves would remind him of skippy, alligator mountain for beuwolf, buckman and it’s loads of wood for his dear friend Eric Sloan, Santa Fe was hidden just like Philadelphia by a veteran pilots thumb. At this point the man said, don’t forget to look at our waterfall.

Waterfall? Oh My God. Could it be? No it could not be….

It was too good to be true …..a waterfall right there. Since many have thought this to be the blaze,I had to find out more about the waterfall. The middle aged man with black hair looked at his wife and smiled as he said. “Unfortunately it is not running water right now. We need to get some more people to flush their toilets so the tourist can see the waterfall.”

As it turned out, this was the discharge for the Whiterock waste treatment plant.

Once again, I was dissappointed that the clues did not add up to the treasure. But I had come this far and was willing to go a bit further. I looked for a good put in spot to look for the treasure. Since this was a public park I could go anywhere. I found the best spot to be where the Rio Grande steet intersected with Meadow street. This looked to be a little ravine that would empty out into the Rio Grande below. I trudged for hours in the park looking at any spot that looked promising. Aspen trees, carved FF’s, white rocks, anything to brighten my spirits that the treasure was there. After 4 hours of looking, I finally gave up on this spot and headed to my car. As I returned to the car, a raven appeared and nestled in the tree above me. KKkaw, KKKkaw. still echoes through my mind.

I chewed begrudgingly on my banana and sipped my tea. What I should be eating was above me.

It was time to leave White Rock for greener pastures. I had read of the Ranch School at Los Alamos and decided to go take a look at it. As I drove back down from White Rock and made a U turn to head to Los Alamos, what should appear but a long stripe of white rock on the canyon wall. Maybe this was the blaze.

I knew that Los Alamos meant “the cottonwoods.” I would be in the wood. (ha ha) And Oppenheimer must have been very brave. I had just passed ohkay owingney, and there were all sorts of heavy loads of volcanic rock. All of this was happening below the Home of Brown (Espanola)

And that is when a bomb went off in my shattered mind. “Wise and found the BLAZE”. Forrest must be referring to when he had to sign for the atom bomb. I HAD SOLVED IT. Wise/blaze referred to the Los Alamos Atomic Bomb project.

Where to look in Los Alamos? River bathing was best and I knew that the Houses at the Ranch School were the first ones in the county to get running water and bathtubs. Could this be the juxtaposition that I needed to get the gold?

I soldiered up to the Ranch School to start my investigation. I asked the guy at the desk if he had heard of Forrest Fenn. He had not. But he knew everything about Project Y and we spoke for quite some time about the Manhattan Project.

I drove all around Los Alamos and the Jemez area. It was just alot of trees. Nothing to find but one tree after another. I decided to head back to my hotel. I was heading down from Los Alamos and just happened to glance across the road and saw it. I could not believe my eyes. There it was. A WHITE BICLYCLE WITH THE NAME FORREST FENN.

Perhaps the tour guide at the Ranch School did not know ff, but some wisecracker from the labs did. I planted my flag with all the others and started to believe this was really a hoax and that all of New Mexico was in on it.

It was early morning and I had been in New Mexico for three days. Many think the where waters halt spot could be Ojo Caliente. There is a chama river that runs almost the entire distance from the spring to the confluence with the Rio Grande. It is a nice pretty area with locks of lava and volcanic rock. The high water unfortunately escaped me on this one. The only water was that of the Chama and it seemed peaceful. This was the route of the Chili line and there were a couple of spots where you could see the old Railroad Right of way. Unfortunately, my HOB was espanola and I could not find a HOB or a Blaze.

I must admit that at one point, I thought the large volcano formation was the Blaze, but I could not correlate with any other clues.

It was now day 3 and I had hardly slept and my steady diet of bananas and tea had taken a toll on my digestive system. I had learned two things so far: Do not underestimate the importance of toilet paper, and Taco Bell does not sell Mexican food.

I decided to take the High Road to Taos. This is beautiful country and I was inspired by the natural beauty of the area. Since many think that brown trout is a clue, I followed the road past chimayo and up to Truchas.

It was here that I learned the inspiration for the Blaze.

I promise that there is a clue to the BLAZE in this cemetary. That is how I found the Blaze and later the Treasure.

Highway 518 and 161 to Watrous are two of the most exciting and interesting parts of this mountain range. I was for the most part on vacation now and not looking for blazes, hob’s or the treasure. I took several pictures and stopped many times to look at my map. The winding roads and mountain peaks are really confusing to a flatlander from Kansas.

Okay so I admit, this trip was not only about a treasure hunt. I also wanted to trace the routes of the old cattle drives and the santa fe trail. In addition, Coronado had explored the area where I am from and must have taken a similar route to the west. I sat here for about 1/2 hour pondering the challenges that the old settlers and cowboys must have faced as they moved west. The second picture is the view of the third picture from above. This is truly a special place I would hope the tresure to be somewhere like this place. How did they get from up there to down there I wondered.

I was back to where I had started. Just a short trip over to Highway 50 and homeward bound. I have one more story to tell, but need to get some legal counsel before telling it. The sun was on my shoulder and the open road was ahead. Having solved the peom and treasures in hand, I left New Mexico, not needing to go back again.

As I checked into the hotel in Lamar Colorado, I picked up a brochure of Montana

07-10-2015, 07:57 PM,
Treasure Hunt 1.0 in NM
Sounds like a fun trip to a real pretty area. Hope you took pictures.

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