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The Romantic West
07-30-2013, 01:43 PM,
The Romantic West
No, This trip was from July 12th to July 22nd, then it took a whole week to recover from this trip. Since everything is now settled felt like I could now write about it.

07-30-2013, 01:49 PM,
The Romantic West
Guess this came over the wire while I was away, Know who your up against:

'Grab every banana' and find a chest of gold

SANTA FE, N.M. — <b>Clearly, Forrest Fenn is a man who takes the long view.</b>

He says it took him 15 years to write the clues that tell where to find his hidden chest of gold. He says it could take 10,000 years for somebody to find it.

"I knew right away" where he was going to hide it, he said. He wanted to make it "difficult, but not impossible" to find, he said, "not to find on a Sunday picnic."

"I'm not saying I don't want anyone to find it. I'm absolutely neutral on that."

<b>While nobody has found it yet, some have come closer than they know. "There have been several parties of people who have figured out the first two clues," he said. "But nobody has correctly interpreted the full nine clues." He said he hasn't told anybody just how close they've been because "they'd go crazy."</b>

Many have tried — and failed — to coax extra clues from him. When jokingly asked if he would like a drink, he answered with a laugh, "I don't drink for that reason!"

Fenn's father frequently advised him to "grab every banana," something Fenn said he didn't quite understand. One day he finally asked his dad what that meant, and was told, "Now that you ask, maybe you're old enough to know." His father explained that the train goes by the banana farm only once, and any banana not grabbed is lost forever.

If you don't know whether to say yes or no to something, say yes."

When he has a hard decision to make, he sets an alarm clock for three minutes and when it goes off, he makes his decision. "Why not say yes instead of no?"

<b>From the story he tells, nobody made it easy for him. He's made his own luck, he's believed in himself, and he's grabbed every banana.


My personal favorite:

<b>He got ahead in life by "thinking, hustling, and going in the back door instead of the front door."</b>

07-30-2013, 05:04 PM,
The Romantic West
So back to the story. Came into the "Bighorn National Forest" Climbing Pic 1........ Climbing Pic 2 ......Climbing Pic 3 While have been ascending the Rocky Mountains it is now a steep climb up the mountains..............steep.

[Image: 2620e1c.jpg]

[Image: 2j3oc9l.jpg]

[Image: a32hlf.jpg]
08-01-2013, 03:14 PM,
The Romantic West
I like the way you are spreading out the updates to give it a sense of adventure and urgency..

No I don't! I want the whole story now! Wink

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