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Dont test Bears! And worse Dont allow Accidents with Bear Spray!
07-19-2015, 04:17 PM,
Dont test Bears! And worse Dont allow Accidents with Bear Spray!
My wife and I just took a trip to in the Sierra Mountain Range in California.. Yes, Its not along FF's path of North of Santa Fe, but I figured I would get some relaxation, read FF's books and relax with the family camping and fishing by the stream.

The drought here in California is really bad.. Black bears are all over the place in the Sierras.. In 18 years of camping, I've never seen so many here. My son was sick and at Midnight, we had to make that dreadful walk out to the truck to get some medicine.. of course.. Bears were all around us in the camp site. I grabbed my wife and I bottle of Bear Spray. Her dumb safety fell off.. and as she was walking back into our tent she (half asleep I think) set off a quick BURST of the spray on accident inside our tent... it was horrrrrrrrrrible! We grabbed the kids as quick as we could got out of the tent. They were all crying, my wife was crying... All the bears I think were horrified and also took off at least for a few hours... I quickly grabbed some water and started pouring water all over us.

Our tent and clothes were contaminated with spray... The stuff does not go away easily.. Even airing out our tent.. your nostrils would flare up. It was bad. So I built a fire.. and we huddled around all night and the kids calmed down and they slept. Then at 6:00 am, we had another bear walk thru the other end of our camp site. It just strolled thru casually..

That morning, we packed up all of our clothes.. drove to the local laundry mat and did about $40 worth of laundry loads, sleeping bags, you name it! The bear spray residual was still in the tent! and our sleeping bags...

So we gave up... loaded up the truck cooked our final meal and headed into town for a hotel in Mammoth Lakes. It was 10 pm, I was dog tired from only 2 hours of sleep the following night with the bear spray ordeal. We left our truck full of our camping gear and I did not take out our food. What could happen in a well lit parking structure, right?!

Next morning... POW!!!!! My front driver's side window was knocked out clean in the hotel parking lot. Mr. Bear had busted the window.. carefully crawled into my tahoe.. and helped himself to my wife's home made cookies and some marshmellows... The 7 hour drive home was a little windy with a missing front drivers side window.

It was a good learning lesson... between bears and that spray! Don't test both!!
07-19-2015, 09:22 PM,
Dont test Bears! And worse Dont allow Accidents with Bear Spray!
Nothing brings a family closer together than camping when you all have a common enemy that being mother nature and in your case bear spray as well. Like
07-19-2015, 10:23 PM,
Dont test Bears! And worse Dont allow Accidents with Bear Spray!
ha! Yes... I told myself and family, you just have to laugh. Just helps you enjoy the trips that go smooth...

12-01-2015, 05:12 AM,
RE: Dont test Bears! And worse Dont allow Accidents with Bear Spray!
Just chalk it up to a very good learning lesson. You can laugh about it now as you look back on it. Just glad that all was OK. We live and we learn...constantly.

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