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Girls on the Chest
08-11-2013, 10:22 AM,
Girls on the Chest
Thank you Judymw for opening up some thoughts.

For me, I can find alot on many levels in the poem (are they correct - who knows?). Because of the large distance for us to take a trip again, I have had to make sure that I am confident (quietly and humbly) that I already know what the Blaze is (just from the poem) before I go. This is my main deciding factor for another search and I would not travel without knowing that.
08-11-2013, 12:03 PM,
Girls on the Chest

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from Judymw on August 11, 2013, 10:57 am</b>

We all have come up with so many wild things in our heads that we see every turn in the road every sign simply everything coming together to create the place of the treasure and it is so real. In Eagle Nest NM, there is a wagon like the one in the book on someone's property and an eagle's nest with an imitation eagle in it above their archway into their diveway at their ranch. Many chasers, as well as my party, have stopped and asked about it and it was a complete bust. There are all sorts of signs and we make up half of them! We all interpret the clues in our on seperate ways and most are wrong. Some of us have the same Home Of Brown, No place for the Meek, and other clues that did not pan out. So it is the way it is interpreted how we search and what search areas. We all are wringing our hands and going in circles not to mention wasting money and time going to the wrong spots for the treasure. Is it or is it not buried, Is the Home of Brown the correct one. We have to get inside Forrest's head to know for sure and reading the poem over and over and reading the book like a normal book and going back to the poem is how " Mr.Fenn," said to figure out the poem with those subtle hints coming through after re-reading the poem. My partner has the book we only have one and she is studying it. I want the book to reference the poem again and soon we will just get together and put all of our new finds together and go once more to look for that new place and see if the chest is truly there. Just some things to think about. Mr. Fenn says you have to be sly and cunning. He also says the poem was written for a redneck with 12 kids and a pickup truck that has just lost his job to be able to figure out and find. Go from there and go forth and seek the treasure, it should be difficult but not impossible to find quotes Mr. Fenn. We should all be so lucky!!!!! SmileHe says it is in a safe place and unlocked and just waiting there for someone to find it. It is not in a dangerous place and is protected from everthing except fire. He has my head spinning and I have researched and researched, My new spot sounds right but who knows does any of us really know? (I am just say'n) WHAT DO ALL OF YOU THINK?
One thing for sure and a person can never do enough research.Measure twice and cut once was the old saying.But we have much more at stake than having a left over board from a woodworking project gone wrong.I believe I had solved the poem months ago,and still I think more and research more.Even if it is for the fact of soaking up interesting info,it is for when the real challenge comes.If all that research has to be thrown away in an instant and reevaluate while in the middle of the search.One poster here had shared that they were so overwhelmed while on the hunt they could not gather a stable thought when the treasure was not where they thought.How is this for a notion ? Forrest followed advice from a Shaman and the chest will only be found by a certain type person.A person who is as Forrest put it in so many words,down on his luck but full of life.

Do you believe in such thing as a Universal Consciousness ?

Well if it is so.

Then that Universal Consciousness can assist the proper person and resist the improper person.

Forrest made a true sacrifice.

He was given his life back while preparing his sacrifice.

Forrest was not forced into hiding the treasure and making it available to whomever could figure his poem.

Forrest's treasure has intent attached to it.

Question is will it meet Forrests current intent or the Universes intent.

I'm pretty sure Forrest did not intend for the guy from Arizona to take his Cunning and Determination comment the way he did.

But the guy did try to exhibit cunning and determination.

He thought cunning meant trickery and tricked Forrest into giving him access to his garden.And then he blocked Forrests driveway with his vehicle and sat on the roof,displaying determination.

As misguided as it was,that is what they guy got from the Cunning and Determination statement.

And seeing as this thread is about the chest.

The chest design does have something to do with the hunt.

To me definitely a railroad theme.

Some here have already used a railroad theme.

But have they forsaken their first love ?

The Power of First Love

The Power of Seduction

"Seduction is not about the culmination or gratification of desire, it is about the thrill of the desire itself. It is the game that is played as the desire comes closer, and closer, and closer, and being able to maintain that tension of wanting for a long, long time".

"Seduction" is the first cousin of "Anticipation", and it's something that we enjoy on many levels, even when it comes to planning our vacations. In a recent article in the New York Times, "Planning The Perfect Vacation", the pleasure was in the anticiipation of the vacation rather than in the actual vacation! "
08-12-2013, 06:47 PM,
Girls on the Chest

"Intent vs. Intention... there is a difference!

The words 'intent' (noun) and 'intention have the

same meaning, but there is a difference in nuance.

"Intention" implies only that you have decided to do



implies a very firm resolve or will to do something."

Intent, rather than intention, is an important aspect

of the Toltec philosophy and certainly a challenging

subject to talk about. We must use our concepts to discuss

something utterly abstract, something that is not conceivable

within the rational mind. For Toltec’s, Intent is the force

that life uses to create our entire universe. Most of us

think of Intent as intention, but this is not true from a

Toltec viewpoint. An intention is something that we are

aiming to do or accomplish. It is an uprising from the

rational mind and involves rational thought.

"Intent, on the other hand, is a force similar to what

we might imagine as volition, a conscious act involving will.

So where intention involves thinking and not necessarily doing,

Intent is the force that life uses to move and propel everything

forward in the manifest reality and to change or reorder it."

"Furthermore, among the Nahuan peoples the word "Tolteca"

was synonymous with artist, artisan or wise man,"

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