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Colorado location - few ideas....
08-24-2013, 05:59 PM,
Colorado location - few ideas....
Hey guys,

I've been spending quite a bit of my time researching this story, and thought I'd share a few potential locations, and see if anyone has made trips out there yet.

My favorite potential location is around Lodore Canyon. If you follow the poem, warm waters halt = flaming gorge resevoir, follow this down into the canyon = Browns National Park. Not far, but too far to walk. Definitely need a car, or raft possibly...

I also want to point out that I think Yellowstone is potentially not a good fit because it is federal property. From what I can tell of Forrest, he definitely wouldn't want anyone who finds the treasure to have to deal with legal proceedings with the IRS, ect. Just a thought, but anyway continuing with the poem. Now I find it odd that he says "Put in the home of Brown". For one, Brown is capitalized indicating a Person or Place, not a thing such as a brown bear, brown trout, ect. Baptiste Brown, is supposodly who the park is named after, one of the very first American settlers to travel westward, possibly the first. He ended up settling in what is now Brown National Park, however there doesn't seem to be a cabin in CO that would of been his from way back then. So I'm thinking below the national park is where I put in my raft, and set sail down the green river.

"From there its no place for the meek", well a trapper by the name of Joseph Meek also lived at Brown's Hole and had the Below confrontation before settling down and no longer trapping.

Fur trapper Robert Newell lamented the fact that the mountain men were becoming horse thieves and robbers. Summarizing the feelings of old mountain men toward the demise of the fur trade and the new lawless breed, Newell told Joe Meek, “We are done with this life in the mountains—done with wading in beaver dams and freezing or starving alternately—done with Indian trading and Indian fighting. The fur trade is dead in the Rocky Mountains, and it is no place for us now. . .What do you say, Meek? ( No place for the Meek)

Not sure about "the end is ever drawing nigh" part. To me, I would of written it the end is drawing ever nigh, not that I can see much change there.

Obviously the next 2 lines are about the Green River, you can't go upstream obviously, and the heavy loads / water high is a reference to the Gates of Lodore where rapids start. The next part, been wise and found the blaze I'm not positive but upon looking at google earth for awhile, at the Yampa / Green River juncture there appears to be burned up trees for a good stretch. It is definitely noticable all along the River in fact in certain sections. The Marvel Gaze, I was thinking at the Junction it appears to be a huge almost marble looking rock formations, but never been there yet. I also think this area is a bit more traveled though, not hugely so at all, but there is a campgrounds at this juncture. So from there, or if its maybe somewhere along the rapids in the northern Green River, in Lodore Canyon. Theres tons of outcroppings, I'm sure caves / caverns, lots of stretches of land to dock your raft and explore, things of that nature. I'm sure theres some danger though to looking in those locations, Green River while not what I'd call Class 4 rapids in the CO stretch, definitely has some dangers. Again, never been there but it looks quite shallow, around 3-5 feet deep and its definitely slow moving enough to not be hugely dangerous to an older man. Though Forrest on a raft down the Green River, I'm not sure I still believe exactly. Then theres the fact that he went back to his car and laughed. I do recall one story saying he made 2 trips to the treasure, so quite possibly took a charter bus with the chest hidden in some bag, stopped along the side of the river, deposited it, got back to his car, did the same thing but with the treasure this time?

Now that I'm writing all of those things, it seems a little far fetched as to him placing it along the riverside, as after Lodore Canyon it is quite difficult to "drive into the canyon". It is steep cliffs, and huge wall faces along side the river. He also only said that the treasure wasn't in those two states, so its possible the roads that extend into Utah, on the left side of the Green River could of been used to get to a most remote part of CO. Essentially a part that is practically nonexistant. Look on Google Maps, then switch to satelite view. You can find tons of dirt roads above Lodore Canyon, around the left side of Green River, and along certain parts of Lodore Canyon / and beyond down the Green River.

Well, thats about it... I hope maybe this helped someone, sparked some thought in someones brain, something I totally missed or whatnot. With the way the clues work, I basically just tried to piece them together in what made most sense to me, being from CO (which by the way, if anyone wants to head down the Green River for a daytrip... I'm down or possibly check out Storm Mountain, where the fire happened). The problem is if you don't start in the exact right geographic area, every other answer you have for the clues is totally unhelpful, so who knows. I'm kind of the impression that the chest won't be found by one of us, and randomly in like 2-300 years by a random person, who probably never heard of this story. I guess only time will tell.
08-24-2013, 06:04 PM,
Colorado location - few ideas....
And let me correct where I said charter bus, obviously not a charter bus. There are buses however that take tubers up the River after they have made their way several miles, so him parking his car there, taking the bus with bag then going down the river. Kinda iffy again at that point, but possibly parked on Browns Road, at the very end, and hid it near there? Dunno, just trying to feed the imagination of some, and I don't want to go to any other state to look for this thing Tongue.
08-24-2013, 06:47 PM,
Colorado location - few ideas....
Also, forgot to mention in 1988 the Fenn Cache was bought by Forrest Fenn. The Fenn Cache was supposodly found around wyoming / idaho / utah border, close to CO. Also, some of the most prized pieces in that collection were from the Green River. Also, I believe around 1988 is when Forrest first got diagnosed with cancer and probably came up with the idea? All just speculation
08-24-2013, 11:59 PM,
Colorado location - few ideas....
on The End Is Ever Drawing Nigh

it would be important where you put the word Ever if one of the hidden clues is, The End I Sever ... and sever is something you do with an Ax

when you get to the word Nigh, if you take the next letter in the poem and move it back, which would be a T from "There'll", it changes it to "Here'll" and Nigh changes to Night

it then can say ... The End I Sever Drawing Night

the end drawing in the book is a Night Drawing, or a drawing with a night sky in it, if you will

and the man has an Ax which Severs

08-29-2013, 02:44 PM,
Colorado location - few ideas....
I disagree that Yellowstone is out because it's a Nat Park. There hasn't been a contemporary high-value cache purposely left and found in a Nat Park before. Forrest wants to be remembered, having a landmark Supreme Court case "Finder of Fenn's Cache v. Uncle Sam" ruling would get in the history books for sure.
09-12-2013, 10:13 AM,
Colorado location - few ideas....
The end is ever drawing nigh. You can see the blaze for miles as you get closer. Krootz, you are on the right track.
09-30-2013, 06:49 PM,
Colorado location - few ideas....
My favorite place in CO is Penrose. Dakota Hot springs (the well)wwwh, take it down phantom canyon. The war memorial vet hwy runs through here. Put in below the home of brown (braun airport) Braun means brown in German. Fremont county rd sure and turn on the photo options.
09-30-2013, 06:54 PM,
Colorado location - few ideas....
Fighters by day, lovers by night, and drinkers by sure and look for an ice chest....your effort will be worth the cold.
10-01-2013, 10:57 AM,
Colorado location - few ideas....
Fenn mentioned in his latest interview that ppl like to travel down the center of the road and he likes the edge. He has mentioned edge in his book several times, including fore-edged books. I believe the treasure is just on the edge of the road.
10-03-2013, 09:32 AM,
Colorado location - few ideas....
I believe thats true, In one of his stories he has an old pair of sandals one with tire tread showing. Think about that.

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