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A Frustrating Good Time
08-26-2013, 12:42 AM,
A Frustrating Good Time
Hello all! This is my first communique with the world of the treasure seekers (unless you also saw my post on the thrill of the Chase Facebook page, then this is my second). I have been following several blogs and doing a LOT of research. I recently went on my first outing searching for the treasure. It was a work vacation that my wife and I were on in one of the "hot spots" of the hunt. We had a couple possibilities to investigate but no solid leads except "the home of Brown" which after a bit more investigating turns out it had already been scoured by other treasure seekers. We spent two days walking, hiking, climbing and bouldering around to no avail. Though no treasure was found, it was an amazing time we spent together (we are outdoors people). Then, shortly before we were about to head home, we caught a break, a cypher, if you will. I found what may have been a way to "break" the poem. Clues started lining up perfectly! We hunted... again to no avail. I got frustrated this time. Before we had been following blind leads but this time I KNEW we were on the right path... Staring at the ever illusive "blaze" but no chest. We headed home empty handed but still set on the "cypher" we had found. I set right back to doing research and quickly found the flaw, we'll call it a "filing error". A tiny "mistake" that was made that threw all of my research out of whack, a flaw that I guarantee Fenn knows about and he knew that it would lead people in the wrong direction. He is a clever man but in my gut I feel about 90% sure I now know where it is. We will be going out again later this week. Keep the faith all, cause the odds that it isn't where I think it is are far greater! Happy hunting, all!!

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