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A Method in the Madness
11-17-2015, 10:41 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-17-2015, 10:50 PM by Doc.)
A Method in the Madness
I spotted something of an anomaly in the last few days I wanted to share with the group.

1. 'Begin it where warm waters halt.' The term 'warm waters' really seems to stand out and 'begin it at an ending' is a form of 'first = last.'

2. Scrapbook 62:

It contains a list of 18 items followed by a strange descriptive term: 'positive solutions'. I recognized this is being a chemistry reference: positive solutions are 'acids' and is an anagram of 'c aids' or '3 aids'. This is immediately followed in the next sentence by his listing '3 aids' of TTOTC, Google earth, and a map.

It's another example of first=last. Positive solutions = acids/3 aids= TTOTC, Google earth, map

3. In a recent interview, a question was asked about subtle hints for Brown, hoB, wwh, and the blaze. Mr. Fenn's response:

'No I don't madam, sorry. f'

The word that stands out is 'madam' because Mr. Fenn has no way of knowing the gender of the person asking the question.

'Madam' is a palindrome, and is yet another example of first=last.

I've been pondering this conundrum, and I wanted to pass along some ideas about this.

I think it's tied into the line 'If you've been wise and found the blaze'.

As you're well aware, 'wise' is the same as 'w is e'--west is east. It's an OPPOSITE ANSWER. 'Opposite answer' is descriptive of 'first=last'.

A 'blaze' is a sign for our treasure hunt that shows us TREASURES HERE.

And that's where all this seems to come together to start making sense.


The 'star of the east' is what 'wise men' follow, not the 'ruse'.

I'm suggesting the presence of 'first=last' means there are actually three answers: The first=the last, so the first is the RUSE. The second answer represents the STAR E, the 'opposite answer' that we're actually to find. I think there's a third answer represented by '2 lines' whether those two lines are an X, =, +, etc.

I'm thinking that the first answer for each of the three examples are the RUSE:

1. The 'warm waters' aren't a body of water.
2. The admonition there are no codes, ciphers, etc. is a fib.
3. His response about no subtle hints for Brown, hoB, wwh, and the blaze actually CONTAINS hints for those very four things.

Let me show you how I worked out the two subsequent solutions for the subtle hints for Brown, hoB, wwh, and the blaze.

The response: 'No I don't madam, sorry. f'

1. 'No' is an abbreviation for 'north': N
2. 'I' is both a Roman numeral 1 and 9th letter of the alphabet: 19 = S
3. 'don't' = do not = to don = WEAR

N + S + WEAR = ANSWER. This is the 'opposite answer' to the ruse--the 'star of the east' that wise men were meant to find.

1. 'madam' = female = XX (genetics) = Roman 20 = T
2. 'sorry' = ALAS
3. 'f' = letter SIX. Palindrome: X IS SIX. 'f' = X

T + ALAS + X = ATLAS X. The map's 'X'


This gives us the information we need to extract the 'subtle hints'.
The 'blaze' is the sign for 'treasures here'. In this case, it's the hints we were asking for:

1. Blaze = X marks the spot
2. wwh = STOP sign
3. hoB = STOP SPOT. Parking lot.
4. Brown: ANSWER = 6 letters. ATLAS X = 6 letters. 'f' = letter 6.
666. 'Brown' is a BEAST.

There's a third answer to this:

1. N S W ARE. When ARE=R/right = east, then NSWE are the DIRECTIONS.
2. ATLAS = map
3. X IS SIX: 1-2-3 letters. First = last

MAP DIRECTIONS: First = last.

In other words the 'response' clue has three answer that correspond to the equation RUSE + STAR E:

1. No I don't madam, sorry. f: The RUSE
2. ANSWER ATLAS X gives the four hints: The 'opposite answer' the STAR E which wise men follow.
3. MAP DIRECTIONS: first = last. This is the '+' sign from the 'Ruse + star E' equation. The '+' is 'four directions'.

I've begun working on the scrapbook entry with its 18 terms. The first step appears to be utilizing the '3 aids' bit because it's a skip 3 cipher that is used to collect the letters:

1. heAd pResSurEs: ARSE
2. fOot PouNds: OPN
3. AcrE feEt: AEE
4. bIblE veRseS: IERS
5. laTin: T
6. CubIc iNchEs: CINE
7. iConS: CS

The first answer lets us know we're doing it correctly: first=last again. The first answer means 'rear end'. It's also the letters of ANSWER missing NW which is the first clue in the chain.

This is some sort of daisy chain first=last word puzzles. You can see the words TIERS utilizing first letter = last letter and the word SCENIC spelled in reverse. I know the last four words provide the letters for THE DESIREE or THE WANTED ONE, but I need to work on the various steps in more detail. Not sure what the final result is meant to resemble.

I suppose the bottom line is this: first = last might be a clue trigger that 'more is going on here'. The first answer is the RUSE. Be 'wise' and find the 'blaze'--the second answer--the OPPOSITE ANSWER--the 'star of the east'.

Keep the faith,

11-17-2015, 11:25 PM,
RE: A Method in the Madness
I'm with you on east = west. Can you find a cross in there? Rose star E? Huh. I'll be glad if you finish and tell me what you find. I heard you talk about Goose and Trout earlier (coupled with Andy White's 9 animals discussion.) 666 is a BEAST. Another animal?

Star of the west? Ok, sounds like Texas. I just had to say it.
11-17-2015, 11:59 PM,
RE: A Method in the Madness
@Doc having you around is like somebody checking my work. Not to get any hopes up, in as much as it's regrettable that the actual mental gymnastics don't even start until one looks to put BOG.
11-18-2015, 12:03 AM,
RE: A Method in the Madness
Another avenue? What are these "orders"

[Image: QuickMemo%252B_2015-11-17-23-00-25.png]
11-18-2015, 12:06 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-18-2015, 12:08 AM by Doc.)
RE: A Method in the Madness
Holly, I can't make out a lot of details on that picture. Where does it come from?

Buddy, what is BOG besides a 'fen'?
11-18-2015, 12:10 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-18-2015, 12:19 AM by Xavier.)
RE: A Method in the Madness

A long standing idea is that the entire map (the map you need) is rotated 180 degrees. That not only makes W=E, but N=S. And, it fits in with a well known survey map associated with a "real" Brown.

11-18-2015, 12:12 AM,
RE: A Method in the Madness
Boots on terra firma
11-18-2015, 12:38 AM,
RE: A Method in the Madness
Xavier, I was unaware of that, and I'll definitely bear it in mind when I'm going through all of this. Thanks for the heads up.

Collecting the letters using the skip 3 technique from that scrapbook entry of 18 terms is yielding some pretty interesting puzzles.
11-18-2015, 12:54 AM,
RE: A Method in the Madness
Doc...I like how you think, but to be honest I can't wrap my brain around this. What you are saying is everything Fenn has ever said means something you know how many scrapbooks there are? This just makes no sense to me. So I guess Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe, is a puzzle and could mean anything...Anyway, I loved the Luke for warm water, and the Grand for Canyon.....but now that there is no WWWH, doesn't this negate your first solve?
11-18-2015, 12:59 AM,
RE: A Method in the Madness
This is where west = east. But doesn't it look likeel,a joke? It does fit my search area to a "T" when you turn it over, fold it. Etc. Or, did you guys already count this out?

[Image: QuickMemo%252B_2015-11-17-23-49-38.png]

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