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"If Youve Been Wise" - Trail Report w/ Pics
08-30-2013, 10:40 PM,
"If Youve Been Wise" - Trail Report w/ Pics
I spent a week in Yellowstone Nat Park poking around, this is the second spot I searched. Another member on this board contacted me about searching a spot in the Park, we hammered out a deal, and this is the area he sent. I logged it to him as soon as I returned to my cabin that night. I've redacted a couple specifics that might give it away. I won't reveal his identity but I am fine if he decides to. I just wanted to give back a little to the Fenn community and post it up.

This is the trail report for the spot I nicknamed If You've Been Wise:


I just got back. No chest, but wow there was a helluva blaze right there (where he directed). I'll braindump now and get you pics as soon as I get them resized. Internet is way slow here so the big pics would take too long.

The fam all started out together, but my littlest is still in a stroller. My wife, step daughter and little guy turned back about 50 yards in because it's a one track trail. My stepson and I got all the way to (the spot). We poked around for a bit looking for a trail to the river, no luck, so we just headed off towards it cross country. About 100 yards from the trail there's a stand of trees that was burned in the fire. We looked all around for something to hint to us where to look, in burned out tree hollows and such.

All of a sudden on the backside of the stand, towards the river, there was an arrow pointing down carved on a tree! It looked like the shaft of the arrow was a crack in the tree, but then the pointy part looked definitely manmade. So we start digging right there with a my bowie knife and a stick. Just got to roots, didn't look promising. I bought a shovel on our way home because this is two trips now I've found some suspicious place I want to dig.

I put my back to the tree against the arrow and I'm looking out to the river. I can't see the river because the shrubs are too tall. They range from knee high to just over my head. I look out that way and there's two trees about 15 feet out, and about 10 feet apart. One tree, on the left, lines up with two trees that are about 200 yards away, close together, the trees far out line up so one is on each side of the tree that's close. The other tree on the right, well it looks like it has an F carved in it! It could very well be my imagination, it might be left over wood borer bug trails, or it could have been a blaze carving.

We head out through the thickets and I almost fell in a sink hole. Not too deep but it would have got me to the knee. There's a lot more sinkholes nearer the river. I looked in each one I saw, but most just have water. The ones near the river are little tunnels that you can see light at the end of. (It seems unceremonious to me to dump a million in gold into an anonymous hole.) We stomped around all over out there, I kept mostly to the imaginary lines from my arrow tree to the two other trees. I certainly can't say we searched it all, but we did our best. We searched out to the river. A little hemming and hawing, then decided to plunge in and wade across. Well this late in the season if you pick the right line it only comes up to mid shin. Wet shoes. Oh well.

Here's the juice, thanks for reading this far. We get over to those two trees that were in the distance I mentioned off the arrow tree and the tree on the left. Well it's actually three trees, the two on the left line up just right back to the arrow tree so it looks like one. The fire did not jump the river, these trees are thriving fine. Grass is growing 6 inches to a foot under and around the trees. What's right there in the middle of the grass? A damn campfire. No ring of rocks. Just some burned logs and ashes. Right there in the middle of the grass. The trees aren't the least bit burned. I've never seen this before. The grass around the outside of the ashes is not singed at all, so someone had a fire before the grass grew. No grass is growing up through the ashes so it can't have been that long ago. I'm no mountain tracker, so I really couldn't say if it was a year or three. I have a pic of it if you are any good at that sort of thing.

Anyways, we bought that shovel and we're going back tomorrow to dig that son of a gun up. We had to get out because storm clouds were rolling in and we could hear thunder. We're back at the cabin and the wind is blowing like crazy. No rain, yet. I hope the storm dies down by tomorrow and it's not all a muddy mess.

[Image: 0bpxy-DSCN0599_TreeWithArrow.JPG]

[Image: ba0b9-DSCN0601_TreeWithF.JPG]

[Image: 204be-DSCN0615_AshesInTheGrass.JPG]

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