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"If Youve Been Wise" part 2 - The Wrap Up
08-31-2013, 12:17 AM,
"If Youve Been Wise" part 2 - The Wrap Up
Here's the exciting conclusion of my If You've Been Wise trail report where we dig up the treasure, try on the jewelry and skip the gold coins across the river. I'm kidding of course, we didn't find it. The location of the area will remain secret because embarrassingly I didn't actually get to the right spot that I was supposed to search. I misread my GPS slightly. I was off by a hundred yards or so. This is the spot that I found from the day before, but not exactly the area where my search partner had identified. It's still on the list to be re-searched, hopefully more accurately than I was able to do.

We bought a folding shovel on the way home the previous day because that ash pile was too good to pass up. I'd gone the day before with my stepson Drake and he went with me again to follow up. I was so excited I couldn't sleep. We hit the trail as soon as we could the next morning.

Here's the report I logged:


Well, no treasure.

We took the path to the right & went (the other way). After a little hiking along the trail, we took off into the sticks. If you go this way watch out for sink holes & troughs hidden in the brush. Drake fell into one & yelped like a puppy. It was pretty deep, swallowed him to mid thigh.

We got to the spot & I looked around in the ashes. Didn't find anything in there but wood. I checked down stream from there to the river, just solid brush.

I dug and dug till my shovel broke then I dug some more.

About a foot down it is river rock. I broke the shovel prying on the rocks. They are baseball to grapefruit size with roots wrapped all around them. Up at the surface I could tell that the roots were from the grass but further down they looked different, like tree roots. The soil didn't look like it had ever been disturbed.

About ten paces east I dug a test hole to see if there were rocks everywhere. My thought being if you buried some thing & wanted it to stay buried you would throw some rocks on top of it as you were putting the dirt back on. There are rocks everywhere. About a hundred yards away there's a tree that fell over & it took its root ball with it. The trees roots are all tangled up in rocks just like from the hole.

I wish I had more time to stomp around out there. I like this spot because (of reasons). Really a beautiful area, and not a difficult hike at all.


I don't know how to inline the pics when uploading them to the server, so the descriptions are: 1) my broken shovel in the hole showing how far I dug down. 2) a nearby tree that had fallen over showing that there are river rocks all over with about a foot of topsoil. 3) laying down looking up, resting while digging.

[Image: 16155-BrokenShovelHole.JPG]

[Image: 2bbc5-FallenTreeRootBallAllRocks.JPG]

[Image: 3396b-FromBlazeLookingUp.JPG]
09-11-2013, 11:01 AM,
"If Youve Been Wise" part 2 - The Wrap Up
Great pictures!!!

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