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Why do you think we cant fully crack Mr.Fenns poem
10-08-2013, 03:48 PM,
Why do you think we cant fully crack Mr.Fenns poem
I think most people probably start out thinking it's easy , and then when that doesn't work out they go way over and start over thinking it , and that doesn't work .

I think it's somewhere in the middle of those two ways . Just have to find the "Happy Medium ".
10-08-2013, 09:38 PM,
Why do you think we cant fully crack Mr.Fenns poem
It is quite possible that the entire poem has been correctly solved except for the <i>very </i>last bit. We know that searchers have got the first 2 clues right, and those are only the people that told Forrest about their search. I didn't write to Forrest about the details of any of my searches so I guess it's possible I too walked past the treasure. Perhaps I (and others who kept their search area a secret) actually followed all the clues correctly right down to the blaze itself but we misinterpreted what "look quickly down" means, so we missed it.
10-09-2013, 02:33 AM,
Why do you think we cant fully crack Mr.Fenns poem
we know that no one has fully solved it all the way to the chest

what we don't know is if or how many people have solved it past the first 2 clues

i also question whether the people who emailed Forrest even had 'solved' the first 2 clues

what Forrest said was, they 'mentioned' the first 2 clues correctly in an email. it sounds like to me he is talking about 2 geographical places, one of them being WWH, and if people mentioned the correct ones, that is not the same as they solved and/or understood hints such that they knew with certainty they were the correct places.

I think the answer to the question in the thread title is a combination of things.

Despite the high number of searchers, there isn’t the aggregate effect there could be because too many aren’t accepting the nature of the puzzle even though Forrest has all but spelled it out. You have to know where to start and you have to know it with certainty. The puzzle was designed so that it will be impossible to know what the blaze is until you know where to start. It is only possible to understand the clues and how the path is laid out and where the blaze is located when you are in the right area and starting in the right place.

The clues for water high and the blaze, etc were intentionally designed to fit so many things, there is no way to know with any kind of certainty what they are, unless you already knew you were looking in the correct specific locale. The poem was designed this way so it could not be short cutted.

Another obstacle to overcome is that, even when you have the correct starting point, the path to the chest was created to be difficult to solve. It was important that Forrest do that because, if it were easy, then a person wouldn’t have to know with certainty they were starting at the right place.

A searcher could happen to be fortunate enough to think a certain place is WWH, they don’t really know for sure, and they haven’t really figured out the clues to confirm it, but they believe it might be, and they happened to be correct. Well then if going from WWH or HOB to the chest was EASY then they would not have to be too persistent, and there would be little chance they would be dissuaded, and they would easily solve it the rest of the way and find the chest.

If this were the case, someone would have found it by now.

By making it difficult, Forrest is able to require that a person SOLVE the clues to where to start, then they know they are in the right area with certainty, then they can be persistent enough, and never give up, until they correctly solve the rest of this very difficult puzzle path, all the way to the chest.

So why hasn’t anyone fully cracked Fenn’s poem?

Because there may only be a handful of people that have solved the first 2 clues correctly, and I mean ‘solved’, where they know they have solved them and they are looking nowhere else. And because anyone else who has mentioned them to F or even went to that location, but have since moved on to other places or given up the search, have taken themselves out of the equation, because, really, they didn’t know.

And so out of these few searchers that know, and I would say a few if even that, because I know it’s not more than a few … so out of these, none have been able to solve the rest of the path, which is very difficult. Maybe someone has solved to clue 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 … who knows? Someone could be very close.

10-09-2013, 07:11 AM,
Why do you think we cant fully crack Mr.Fenns poem
I keep hearing folks say FF made a statement, to "start" at begin WWWH. What I recall is he stated, Start at the beginning. My opinion... is sorta like the useless clues statement... let everyone assume that means WWWH and not the start of the poem. Also I recall hearing FF stating was you must understand WWWH and HOB to solve the poem or have little hope of solving it. With that said the meaning of WWWH is a hint to the blaze, Just need to put two and two together.
10-09-2013, 08:11 AM,
Why do you think we cant fully crack Mr.Fenns poem
So, I took a break from the search (and Forum) and only lasted 4 days.

Regarding Chris Yates comments above, I would like to give my perspective on the Blaze. I am probably in the minority on this, but I believe the Poem is written in a way to tell you what the Blaze is. If you have a WWWH and a canyon (with directional clue of HOB) you are now in the vicinity of the treasure. If, separately, you have figured out what the Blaze actually is and it is very near this vicinity, you are getting confidently close.

Once at the correct canyon, deciphering the four lines in Stanza 3 will bring you to the correct "trail".

For me, the Poem is very "pure" and a woven masterpiece of various themes.
10-09-2013, 08:19 AM,
Why do you think we cant fully crack Mr.Fenns poem
RP, Ummm Errrr you Sound very close to my theory and spot, Little worried now. Your retired, may I suggest a nice long relaxing trip for your hard years of work, maybe Australia. Just a thought.
10-09-2013, 09:30 AM,
Why do you think we cant fully crack Mr.Fenns poem
what was the error you found, pray tell
10-09-2013, 10:03 AM,
Why do you think we cant fully crack Mr.Fenns poem
RP just one question, Is it a BIG X? LOL

10-09-2013, 10:28 AM,
Why do you think we cant fully crack Mr.Fenns poem
Just for curiosity sake, will to say if it is the written part of the book? the pictures in the book? or the map it's self?

I only ask cuz I know Cris yates is just dieing to know. lol

10-09-2013, 10:39 AM,
Why do you think we cant fully crack Mr.Fenns poem
There are several errors in tftw, as there were errors in TTOTC. I am talking about technical editing errors, either unintentional or intentional, and not Forrest saying something incorrectly. One possible error in tftw has been pointed out regarding the "answer(s)" in the poem, which has come up before and that Forrest has addressed. The "s" issue. But there are other errors, and it is up to us to interpret them, as RP said he is doing, and I am as well.

Regarding some of the other comments, there's a world of searchers out there who do not participate in the blogs. So having high confidence about where everyone stands with the clues, and all the business about a few searchers knowing the first 2 clues,etc., etc., is pure speculation at best. And for those that do participate in the blogs, we only see what people say, not everything that they know. And what they say may be purposeful.

I do agree with the comment about the poem being pure, singular. I have always felt that way and it follows with my solution. I believe the clue solutions tell you exactly what the blaze is.

And yes, the poem is clearly composed to be interpreted in a myriad of ways and misdirect. So in order to see what hoB is and then understand the blaze, you must have the correct starting point with your solution. Exactly as Forrest said. And again, I don't believe that we can state that the poem has not been fully cracked.

And I agree with RP's notion above that Forrest cannot be so "perfect" when speaking off the cuff in his interviews. That's true of anyone speaking on the fly versus careful composition in writing. This is the medium where he has divulged the most, I feel.




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