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10-12-2013, 08:35 AM,
you know F said that the 9 clues will lead to the end of his rainbow

and what is a rainbow but a spectrum of colors

Also in tea with Olga he mentions the 3 different colors

on the opening page he says, story of my treasure is true, and i hope it brings a smile, and in Tea with Olga, the only time it mentions smile is when drinking the RED tea

the word color is mentioned on p27 when he said it marked my britches with a heavy brown color, he was talking about the rusty old iron thing, and rust is red, or brownish red

so perhaps some relationships here to COLORado which means colored red

i think when i type COLORado, i will capitalize 'color' everytime like this


it really really brings out the connection between The Chase, rainbows, colors mentioned and


isn't that cool. ill bet i'm the first one on here to ever think of that Smile

10-12-2013, 01:24 PM,

Full disclosure....I don't have much of my foot in COLORado however the sectionals(both background and ghosted) on 128-131 TFTW are showing Colorado(Steamboat Springs, Walden area). It is from the Cheyenne Sectional though. I guess if you are looking at ghosted background we need to look at the New Mexico map also. There are many connections to Brown's Park area of Colorado to consider. I've said it before, but we seem to have too much information on the internet with the ability to draw connections between any two ideas. Good Luck in Colorado.
10-12-2013, 02:58 PM,
Colorado is an absolutely beautiful state! Spent much time in the mountains there when I was in the USAF. Four years, off and on, of electronics training at Lowry AFB in Denver back in the late 60's and early 70's( Lowry's gone now, just housing developments). Been all over those mtn's. Remember a trip to the top of Mt. Antero long ago searching for tourmaline and beryl crystals(back when I was an avid rock-hound and learning lapidary). Panned for gold near Golden and Central City, too.

Don't know others' military experience, but all the colors mentioned in TTOTC are to be found in the ribbons attached to the medals Mr. Fenn received from his Vietnam involvement. Purple and white is the Purple Heart colors; Yellow, red, and green is the Vietnam service, etc.; even the cobalt(blue), red, and white is in the Distinguished Service Cross(I think, I don't have one, I know that!)

Good luck hunting there to all, I'll limit my searches to one state however, NM.

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