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Old Fall River Road
06-08-2016, 10:37 AM,
Old Fall River Road
Hi all,

I live in the UK and have been working on a solve that I've been musing for a while now, on and off. The little girl from India comments gave me credence to revive my thoughts, as I had gotten stuck at what I perceived to be the 3rd clue.
I'm never going to be able to go out to the Rockies and hunt the treasure, but I take alot of fun from thinking about the poem and coming up with ideas from this side of the pond. I really wish the treasure is found soon - by anyone - just so I can know the answer to the riddles!!

Here is some of my thinking:

Whilst looking for WWWH, I stumbled upon 'Lava Cliffs' after having the idea that 'warm waters' may be an under-dramatic description of lava flow. Located in the 'Rocky Mountain National Park' , this got me thinking if the quote "the treasure is located somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, north of Santa Fe(sic)" is actually a specific instruction to look in 'Rocky Mountain' National Park?


The lava cliffs location is pretty much the highest point in the park, with beautiful 360 degree views(easy to see why people would fall in love with the area), and from the lookout point there, there is a large canyon heading down to the old fall river road. From google earth view, it looks pretty impassable, so to take the 'canyon down' you would have to drive along the winding mountain road (highway 34 i believe) and enter the old fall river road at the bottom. Although the view is a few hundred meters, the drive is 16 miles + the journey back up the old fall river road - Not far, but too far to walk.

The whole area is closed of during winter - which would explain why Mr. Fenn keeps telling people not to bother looking in winter.

To give further reasoning behind this area, I found through research that highway 34 was built to replace the Old fall river road in the early 1900's due to burgeoning tourism industry and due to the heavy mining machinery needing to be transported over the pass. I have been heavily thinking about the first verse, last line - "And hint of riches new and old." - and I feel this a nod to the new and old roads.

Once journeyed from the lava cliffs to the old fall river road, and travelling down it west to east (as we read the map) I think we find the true answer to 'canyon down'. Along the old fall river road is a waterfall called 'Chasm Falls'. A chasm and a canyon are very similar things, and if something falls, it goes down. 'Chasm Falls' could = 'Canyon Down'... "take it in the chasm falls".

From here, I struggled, as I couldn't find a 'Brown'. On highway 34 there is a lookout point called 'Rainbow Curve' that over looks the chasm falls area. If you stick an 'M' in rainbow you get an anagram of 'I AM BROWN'... nah I don't like that idea either! Alternatively, if you mix all the colours of a rainbow you get brown... a bit squiffy for our puzzle. I couldn't find any meaningful 'Brown's' who lived anywhere near there (particularly Este's Park and the surrounding homesteads). This originally led me to call this solve a dead-end, but after the little girl from India statement, I re-considered and now believe HOB is a clue that cannot be seen from the map.

I thought that you could look inside the chasm falls waterfall, but there is a parking lot right next to the falls, so it wouldn't take a whole afternoon to make two trips in and out of the waterfall. Also, there are 4 more verses of clues which surely do not describe how to enter a waterfall! Finally with regards to the 500 and 200 feet statements, if someone had said they had been to trail ridge road, or old fall river road or chasm falls, they would have been within feet of the treasure - if it was in the waterfall.

Looking forward there is a lot more research to be done on the area. I could mock up a map of everywhere within 200 feet of the road (if these are the first two clues) and I'm trying to find as many photos and videos of the area online so I can build up a better image - as I cannot visit the area. After the falls there are some nicely named geological features which could hold further answers - Hanging Valley, Sundance Creek, Thousand Falls, Forest Canyon overlook - and on the other side: Horseshoe falls and Roaring River.

As I have been searching, I came upon this video from Endocreek, located towards the end of the old fall river road:
It's about rock climbers, but there are some lovely looking caves, nooks and crannies hidden where they are climbing - perfect for "going in there alone" and in one shot there is a vein of mineral that looks like a blaze of an 'F'... Wink
06-16-2016, 05:37 AM,
RE: Old Fall River Road
Thanks PL289,

I would love to visit if I came into some money at some point in my life. I've been to the Canadian Rockies as a child, but some of the images of your area that I have seen on the internet are breath-taking.

Thanks for the feedback

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