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New Clue!
10-29-2013, 09:22 AM,
New Clue!

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from locolobo on October 28, 2013, 10:20 pm</b>

J.B. - OK, thanks for the effort. Guess we'll have to wait for magazine to come out and hope Forrest verifies it, eventually.

Hey, judging by your posts you're pretty sharp and seem like an OK sure you're not from Texas?? Big Grin Big Grin

good luck to ya.........locolobo

thanks ll!

I've lived in the mountains north of Santa Fe for a quarter century. I lived in Bryan, Texas where the food was still heavily laden with saltpeter for 4 years. I lived in Austin for a decade. Austin was a great town. Bryan not so much. When I lived in Austin I ran the Guadalupe River a lot, down around Boerne. I still have a soft spot for Big Bend. I ran portions of the Rio Grande through Big Bend a fair number of times too. The Mariscal canyon was my favorite. I haven't been there since 1989 now. I think the area changed because of drug smuggling. I guess everybody was doing it. I remember when I was at TAMU some guy from west Texas told me his boy scout troop used to smuggle pot through Big Bend. There used to be a bridge across the river at a place called La Linda which didn't have any customs. You could drive back and forth between Mexico and the US and there was no government on either side. It seems like the Mexicans had a little building but it was usually empty. There was nothing at all on the US side of the bridge. There was a mine on the Mexican side that dumped pollutants directly into the river. You could see it, bright red, flowing into the river. They had their offices and a little runway on the US side. I used to know who it was but I've long since forgotten.

I think the most memorable experience I ever had at Big Bend was taking some Mexicans somewhere. I think it might have been Boquillas. It was either Boquillas or more likely one of those other little villages near Boquillas. They were a couple, a guy and his girlfriend I think. Anyway, we were driving along down on the low flat terrain where you know you're near the river but you can't tell how close it is. You can't see anything down there because the cane is so tall. I guess its maybe 10-20 feet tall: tall enough it felt like we were in a canyon. We're driving like that and all of a sudden we round the corner to the river and there are something like 50 Mexicans on horse back. Very high spirited. Very friendly but somehow vaguely threatening too, I think mainly because there were so many. They wanted us to pay them to pull our VW van across the river. I didn't want to go across the river and declined. They were fine with that. The girl didn't want to be left alone with all those horsemen. I don't actually remember what we did anymore. I think the couple had friends or relatives from the village who arrived and then they were fine. It was amazing to round that corner and see, I dunno, it was like running into Pancho Villa and his men.

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