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Poem Word Meanings
06-25-2016, 09:49 AM,
Poem Word Meanings

So why is it that I must go and leave my TROVE for all to SEEK?

trove (n.)
1888, from treasure trove (c. 1550), from Anglo-French tresor trové (late 12c.), translating Latin thesaurus inventus, literally "treasure FOUND."
French trove is past participle of trover "to find," from Old French trover, torver, of unknown origin, perhaps from Latin turbare "to move" (hence "to SEEK for")
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06-25-2016, 10:09 AM,
RE: Poem Word Meanings
I'd also like to see the definition of meek.

Pays to be a winner.
06-25-2016, 10:07 PM,
RE: Poem Word Meanings
trove does ot define contents..... Therefore one mans trove may be gold and silver and another ones trove may be artifacts. trove is ambiguious. purposefully so as to not define specific contents. In my opinion of course. I have looked up and parsed almost every word that has came from forrest fenn. Each one appears to be chosen purposefully over a 15 year period.
06-26-2016, 05:10 PM,
RE: Poem Word Meanings
What makes you think Fenn wants to be the legendary Robin Hood? He's busy telling his own story, creating his own legend. Sure he gives, but not really anything like that... he has his own style.

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06-27-2016, 11:58 PM,
RE: Poem Word Meanings
(06-27-2016, 09:53 AM)Minnie Eftskin Wrote:
Quote:What makes you think Fenn wants to be the legendary Robin Hood? He's busy telling his own story, creating his own legend. Sure he gives, but not really anything like that... he has his own style.

I don't. I often point out Robin Hood because his love was Maid Marian, the 'forest queen'.

A big part of Fenn's own story is literature. We know he loves to read and that he enjoys Robin Hood stories. We know he loves poetry. It's not far fetched that his poem would point to other pieces of literature (Maybe to get US to read. Which I have; several books..).

I believe his poem points to two works: 1. ACROSS THE LAST RANGE by Henry W. Brown and 2. THE FOREST QUEEN by J.H. Stocqueler

ACROSS THE LAST RANGE is eerily similar to his poem. It has identical words and similar phrases. It is about death and dreams and life and finally the grave of 'A brave old mountaineer' marked by a BLAZED TREE.

The book THE FOREST QUEEN (in reference to Maid Marian) has a story about hidden treasure. It uses the words tarry, scant, marvel, gaze and nigh. The Forest Queen Lode in the Wise River Ranger District of the Beaverhead-Deelodge National forest is next to the Minnie-Gaffney Lode (in reference to a Robin Hood character Minnie Eftskin), The Silver King Lode (in reference to a Robin Hood character the Black Knight who wad King Richard) and the Hidden Treasure Lode which speaks for it's self. The Forest Queen Lode, and the others, are up stream from Glendale Mt. The home of Henry W. Brown who wrote ACROSS THE LAST RANGE.

Remember the treasure is hidden someplace dear to him. All of the Robin Hood literature is amazing no matter the author. Henry W. Brown was an important artist in Montana and his ode to Ben of '49 is absolutely inspiring. All of these things come together IN the valley of Trapper Creek. That is pretty special.

With all of that said I believe Fenn's poem more likely points to literature than to abstract codes, prime numbers and Greek letters.

Now that I have summarized my theory you should kindly summarize your double omega theory (and no I don't want to read back over your 1400 posts here). Then as a fun exercise we can compare the strengths of ACROSS THE LAST RANGE as a link and your omegas link. Sound good?


Minnie I like these ideas thanks for sharing. They are as good as any other as far as we know.

I will apologize on behalf of some who have been here for years. Why do you suppose the fairer sex feels the need to change guys? There is no doubt in my mind that us guys are better off because of it.

I would be grateful to hear from ye fair lassies the theme of women make men better how does that play in the poem? ff is certainly a tough guy with a sensitive side.

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