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First line and prime numbers
06-25-2016, 05:05 PM,
First line and prime numbers
One more thing that I found that I wanted to share...

I had been finding prime numbers everywhere for a while. I decided to see what would happen if I took the prime number positions from the poem. The first line became:


I interpreted this as East Asia Elite. Fenn talked about the Flying Tigers quite a bit and they are often described as the elite flyers out of the east part of China.

From there, I anagrammed "Flying Tigers". It became "Fly Gin" and "Set Rig". I like these because, like my other "solves" they are crossword style clues. The answers I came up with were "Honey" (from you'll catch more flies with honey) and "Scaffold". Then I converted "Honey Scaffold" to "Honeycomb".

But now what? After much searching, I found an old word game/puzzle where you put letters into honeycombs and find words. I figured the letters would be the ones I came up with by following prime numbers from each line.

Side Note: One of the lines gave letters that spell "Then Wild K". K is 11 and could refer to a certain group of outlaws.

Anyways, I plugged all of the letters into a honeycomb and "unwrapped" the honeycombs to get many 7 letter groups. This was interesting because "Teachers with Ropes" have 7 students and 7 is also part of the 2 Pi skip code. For a while I was thinking that perhaps these 7 letters were another layer of puzzle.

For instance, one set was "NIIKDAA", which can be N-I's K D-A's, which would be "Nice 11 Days". It turns out that golfer Byron Nelson won 11 tournaments in a row. Another was "NSIADCA", which I turned into "Sad Inca", which is ILLI YUNQUI. Another was "EITABWE" which became "A WEE BIT", which was SCINTILLA. One more example: "WAECEHE" became "AWE CHEESE", which was "MOZZARELLA" (the awe sound is in the cheese name). After a number of these a pattern became clear... they were all ten letter solutions with parallel characters in them... either two L's or two 1's. A fun one was "INCA NAA" which was "Inca Neighs" which is a "LLAMA ORGLE" Look it up!

When I put them in columns, it looked like the solutions were trying to give directions. The first letters from the ones I had "solved" were "IN YS". That was certainly intriguing...

So what happened? Well, as many are likely to be thinking, this is getting pretty convoluted. It's hard to find confirmation and patterns are something the brain can trick us into believing. Also, I came across things like 7 letters that spell "CHRIST W". That's clearly "Omega", but it's not ten letters and it doesn't have parallel characters. Another was "HIS KITE". "A CONDUCTOR" (Benjamin Franklin) is ten letters, but still the pattern is falling apart. Then there were the groups I couldn't solve like "REOWHTO", "OSGOADK", and "EANBGAN". I could come up with anagrams, but nothing convincing.

As of right now, I think there are a lot of coincidences so it's hard to dismiss it. On the other hand, it's hard to know it's right too. In the end, I share this as I share all of my thoughts... I hope it helps someone in some way. Best of luck to all of you.

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