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Interesting Interview
11-06-2013, 10:45 AM,
Interesting Interview

You might right. I don't pretend to know what he's thinking right now, but it's possible the slip of the tongue was intentional and he has an agenda with his mistakes. Does he plan this out before he shows up and knows what topics he will talk about. He did shift the answers to things he wanted to discuss.

A little known secret of public speaking is to have a great joke to tell about every 5-6 minutes that doesn't sound planned out. I usually have 4-5 and I know the keyword or question that will allow me to tell the joke. I'm always a crowd pleaser wherever I talk. The audience has no idea I planned the whole scenario out and my gift of gab is less the product of natural abilities and more a result of hours or even days of preparation and practice in front of the mirror. I plan for every question and never get caught off guard. (even though I might act surprised.)

He is no dummy and I'm sure he does the same. If I want the audience to truly believe something, I make sure it comes out naturally, or by accident, and I don't force it.

If you take a class in sales and persuasion, which every person should do even if they're not in sales, you would learn the little tricks one can use to get the bananas off the trees as you pass on by.

I practice my own routine a lot more than you can imagine. So hearing Forrest in action is like listening to a symphony - it's pure perfection.

11-06-2013, 03:54 PM,
Interesting Interview
Everyone will take what they want from it, and that's what this chase is all about - The freedom to do it anyway you want.

The mental fatigue I talk of is while on camera. The after parties are great and you're really pumped if you hit a home run.

If you're good, no one will notice the massive stress you felt while up on camera. But I can see it after the 30 min mark and that's when it should have ended. It just went on so long and when a person has to watch everything they say, it wears them out pretty quickly. Moderators are helpful and this time he didn't have any.


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