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Clues by Number
01-04-2017, 10:22 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-04-2017, 10:23 AM by geydelkon.)
RE: Clues by Number
When the original Buffalo Bill Museum was in financial trouble, the boy scouts went and placed containers to collect nickels to help.
01-04-2017, 12:27 PM,
RE: Clues by Number
(01-04-2017, 10:22 AM)geydelkon Wrote: When the original Buffalo Bill Museum was in financial trouble, the boy scouts went and placed containers to collect nickels to help.

So that's why there are all those nickels in the containers I collect! I've been wondering about that.

01-04-2017, 07:52 PM,
RE: Clues by Number
I'll throw out a couple for number 22 from my old notes...

What I wrote:

"... Scrapbook 91: Forrest listed 22 Indian names in a row. Teachers with Ropes: Alpha teacher came in, then “about twenty” students steadfastly clinging to a rope, then a second teacher. 22 in a row."
04-02-2017, 02:38 PM,
RE: Clues by Number
27. Twenty-seven.

Chapter 27.

By now, I'm sure everyone involved in this chase must know about Chapter 27, so please forgive me for being redundant and unoriginal. The skinny of it is that The Catcher in the Rye has 26 chapters, and Mark David Chapman, the assassin of John Lennon, was inspired by that book to murder Lennon. Supposedly by doing so he'd finish the book, writing "Chapter 27", or something like that. There's been a book and a movie about it.

This is relevant to the chase, of course, because Our Hero wrote something similar about completing Catcher in the Rye in the TTOTC chapter Important Literature, writing, "maybe he just had it in mind that I’d finish the book, or at least add on to it." It's also of interest that TTOTC has 27 "chapters" if you count the preface and epilogue. The epilogue would be chapter 27. The book TFTW also has a chapter 27, "mrs rockefeller goes vogue," if you're so inclined.

There are a number of other rabbit holes here that one could follow. Lennon lived in, and was killed just outside of, a building named "The Dakota." I like to think that most of us have eliminated "the Dakotas" from our list of search states, but given this connection, I suppose it's not entirely unreasonable to consider them.

A deeper hole, more like a pit, really, can be found by following numerology. According to chapter 27 of the above-linked book, Lennon was "deeply interested in numerology," particularly Cheiro's Book of Numbers, and the number nine was of profound importance to him. Twenty-seven is "the triple 9" (9+9+9 = 27). Nine clues in the poem. Revolution #9.

Cheiro, or William John Warner, was an interesting character, just the type of character that might end up at "the great banquet table of history" (Epilogue, aka "Chapter 27", TTOTC). He read palms, of all things. Among others, he read the palms of Mark Twain (!), and Grover Cleveland (!!). I just might have to toss my Jim Palmer/22 connection in the trash can.

Suffice to say, in my opinion, given these connections, if your solution (or, at least, your forum handle) does not include a reference to MDC or JWL, then ... well, take some nice pics, enjoy the sunshine, and have a nice vacation.
04-03-2017, 06:40 PM,
RE: Clues by Number
Hello All
I am newbie here , I have been interested in the chase for the last three years.I just got my kindle e-book published lately entitled "If you have been wise and found the blaze".
It is a short ebook published on kindle that offers a novel idea on the concept of the "blaze" in Forrest Fenn's poem. Based on some fascinating historical legends as well as formal trail blazing conventions, the book presents a strong argument on what Forrest Fenn might have had in mind on the word 'blaze' when he crafted his poem. Without stating "where" the blaze is , the book argues on "what" the blaze is and as a consequence of that definition in what manner the chest is hidden by Fenn and why. I do hope it could bring some interesting new idea in the search for Forest Fenn's treasure and the thrill of the chase. For anyone interested it can be seen in the following link in amazon kindle .

Jeshurun Clouds
04-03-2017, 09:00 PM,
RE: Clues by Number
Jesh got a week off for posting in too many threads, crossed the spam line. He doesn't follow advice & he'll be gone for a lot longer.
04-04-2017, 01:02 AM,
RE: Clues by Number
(04-03-2017, 11:45 PM)Andrew Jef Wrote: The only number involved is the number of searchers going down a
rabbit hole.

I'd be very surprised if the number 9 wasn't involved, but I'd love to see the correct solution that doesn't involve it, and I'd be the first to say I was wrong.

(04-03-2017, 11:45 PM)Andrew Jef Wrote: But stay tuned for big (and disappointing) news this summer.

The only persistently disappointing news I can imagine related to the discovery of the treasure, is if it's found by someone who didn't solve the clues in the poem. If you or someone else solve the clues and then go find it, hats off to you. That'd be exciting news.
08-09-2017, 01:19 AM,
RE: Clues by Number
28. Twenty-eight.

28 thousand.

The average human lifespan has 28000 days, according to some people.

Alicia Keys has a song named 28 thousand days. Alicia Keys - a word that is key? Shrug. You could probably do worse.

TTOTC has 28,800 words. Not exactly 28 thousand, but pretty close.

28 Grand is the name of some fancymodern residential property in Detroit. They come up first for me in Google when I search "28 grand" and it's not an ad, it's a 100% organic search result. So either they have really good SEO, or there's just not a lot of interesting things in the world related to 28 grand. Which, in itself leads to a kind of interesting thought - what if you had an idea for a clue, and you did a Google search, and it returned no results. That would be weird.

Detroit popped up somewhere else in my search recently, where was that. Oh, right, the Detroit Mirror was an old daily tabloid, in which Dick Tracy first appeared. Also, the word for Mirror in German is Spiegel.

28 Large is $28,000 dollars. Large can mean $1,000 dollars, right? I can't find that definition in any online dictionary, but I really didn't look too hard.

Anyway, we all know about the scrapbook with the $1000 bill. Maybe he's hinting at One Large. One Large what, though? Out of curiosity I decided to search TTOTC for Large. Here's all of the matches:

painter and writer, of large note - Preface
eight books, were much larger - Important Lit
large fire - Gypsy Magic
large sagebrush flat - Buffalo Cowboys
large birds - My War For Me
large group of people - My War For Me
large, jagged pieces of thick plastic - My War For Me
large can of pepper - My War For Me
large populated areas - My War For Me
larger hand - My War For Me
large knot - Teachers with Ropes
large print - Teacher with Ropes
visions, loom larger and larger - Flywater
multi-colored ball, got larger and larger - Gold and More
the ball was so large - Gold and More
large emerald - Gold and More
large copper nails - Dancing with Millenium
larger doses - Epilogue
large First Baptist Church - Epilogue
largest crowd - Epilogue

I don't know if that's a typical frequency distribution of the word 'large' for a book with TTOTC's word count. But I thought it was curious that every use of the word 'large' referred to a different object, with the exception of multi-colored ball, and ball. I don't know if it's typical for that many uses of the word 'large' to refer to (almost) all different objects.

So I figured I'd take a look at TFTW as well. And some of the scrapbooks.

Large in TFTW:

large black kettle - preface
twelve large buffalo - buffalo smoke
ranches, so large - my prehistoric friends
large tent - concy and me
large open-bay barracks - retribution
large mountain lion - i wish i hadn't
largest ticker tape parade - word than linger
bones, large and small - lost and found
large towel - jackie kennedy
third-largest subscriber base - sosoko is here
Beowolf, who was the largest (alligator) - beowulf and elvis
paintings were fairly large - elmyr de hory on fire
larger paintings - seventeen dollars a square inch
large ponderosa - mountain man

Hmm, OK. Mostly unique. (I love that I can say that.) The use of 'large paintings' was doubled-up here, so we have Paintings of Balls, so far.

Large in some Scrapbooks (not comprehensive):

large hair - SB46
largemouth bass - SB73
large (african statue) - SB81
large enough (challenge) - SB83
large room - SB84
large sit-on rocks - SB84
large western bronzes - SB84
larger-than-life-size bronze - SB84
largest span - SB89
largely unnoticed (passing) - SB90
large oil painting - SB91
large Hopi basket - SB112
large mammoth tooh - SB117
large cage - SB123
large rocks - SB138
large pile of rocks - SB138
large limbs - SB138
large gems - SB158

A lot more unique objects, and doubled-up on rocks and bronzes.

Therefore, I give you:

A Painting of Bronze Balls and Rocks.

Or, if that doesn't work, try:

Bronze Balls and Painted Rocks.

Thank you for your time.
08-09-2017, 02:41 AM,
RE: Clues by Number
[quote='ThrillChaser' pid='168168' dateline='1502259581']
28. Twenty-eight.

I'm curious as to why you think 28 is significant. 22 I understand, but why 28?
08-09-2017, 11:42 AM,
RE: Clues by Number
Good catch!

Fenn uses numbers everywhere and repeats certain numbers allot. I really think there is something to the numbers.

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