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Donate to Chris
01-13-2017, 12:59 PM,
Donate to Chris
(01-13-2017, 12:20 PM)Chris Yates Wrote: Hi All

a big rough patch is over now thankfully. we got a lot of our stuff out that we were able to fit into storage. had to make some decisions on a lot of it too, to let it go.

There was basically huge piles in the driveway, as everything was now outside of what was left. and it was the last thing we used the moving truck for. loaded it all up and what Goodwill wouldn't take, the rest went to the waste dump

Yesterday we had a change of plans on our temporary arrangements while we try to get another place to move into. The children (my sisters, 2 nieces/ 1 nephew) were going to be staying with a friend of one of my niece’s. and they still are, in fact are doing so right now, but now its all of us. the friend’s mom has been extremely generous and kind and offered for all of us to stay there. Frankly it isn’t the best of situations to put it mildy. The number of people plus they have pets and we have pets. We decided we need to do it, because its important to conserve money as much as possible to be able to get another place and also the expense of moving in. im hoping that we are only going to have to do this for a week at the most.

I havent slept hardly at all for 3 days. When there was finally nothing left to do for the time being, crashed on a couch and body just went unconcious. Man I needed that so badly.

So I woke up this morning and whew, feeling so much better, and access to the internet, and wow what a relief. And now I can post on this blog

Mindy, I appreciate you keeping people appraised to the best of your ability.

I made that first post because I was in a desperate situation. I think theres a certain amount of, I don’t what you call it, exposure and shame that a person would not typically want if it can be avoided, but when you are in a severe enough situation its like your mind just temporarily stops caring about things like that, and important needs are all that matter

I apologize for this thread about my personal situation being on the general discussion. At the same time, I am thankful and appreciative that it has been allowed. It could be moved at this point, if old drum and other moderators agree, so that continued posting is no longer interrupting and mixing in with the Chase discussions

From the bottom of my heart, words cannot express how humbled I feel right now, and grateful for the overwhelming support from the kind hearted people who’ve helped me. I was, admittedly, posting and hoping there might be some one who could, and would want to help. I was not expecting the response that came from this. I still cant hardly believe it. Its been incredible.

One of the first things that happened is people have given to me directly thru paypal and there was one walmart money transfer I picked up. These funds have been immediately available and a huge help.

Mindy also very kind and generous to set up the GoFundme. Couple nights ago I did the first bank transfer on that and as of this morning the funds did show up. I am keeping all that money aside for getting into a new place.

We are going to need a place that is significantly less per month than what we were paying. Whatever living arrangement sacrifices that will need to be made, will be made.

So ill go ahead and hit the post button on this for now and If my brain can think of anything else today that I can share or keep updated for those who what know, I will post it.

A big thank you to each and everyone of you who have helped. Anyone can email me at if desired.

Also, some of you folks have contacted me to tell me you wouldve liked to help if could’ve afforded it , and you wanted to let me know you care about whats going on. I really appreciate those messages and that you’re not making me feel judged. Its meant a lot. Thank you


I'm sure we can all say we were really glad to help.
Sorry, I missed the extra nephew... Smile

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