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He can take it with him
01-13-2017, 12:01 AM,
He can take it with him

He can take it with him.

WWWH=Nederland Colorado,
Frozen Dead Guy Shed.
TUFF = thank you Forrest Fenn

( there are other interesting thoughts along this trend of thought... e.g. Brown)..

Smiles....any feedback?

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01-13-2017, 12:42 AM,
He can take it with him
Kpro et al. I do not quote exactly every lil thing ff said exactly, however I have been doing this awhile and my paraphrasing isn't that bad, I say this because I have no desire or inclination to spend my valuable time squabbling, that said....

I have thought for awhile that the blaze was hidden within the poem. I have only used the poem, I have both books but have never read them. So...
The blaze I am currently looking at is "Hear me", followed by "all and" then listen good. I focused on heat me and listen good... in between was all and.... I said it fast and all and sounded like Holland and my next thought was Netherlands and then Nederland. Smiles.... trust me, I realize how amusing this "sounds".
I began to research Nederland, especially when I realized it was famous for the Dead Guy Festival... originally it was called Browns Crossing.... its interesting to read about. I also was intrigued when ff made the comment about tc being in water some of the time which fit in with the dry ice they use at the cryogenic mausoleum. Also, smiles, two guys can keep a secret if one of them are dead... there are some other reasons I am intrigued also but everyone can read about this same ad I did. I have been looking at this area since last year sometime but have not put botg. If anyone has any thoughts considering this thought I would discuss more with you.... but please know, I do not "protect" or shield a thought ... thanks for your interest kpro

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