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Frosty my friend
12-05-2013, 06:16 PM,
Frosty my friend

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from Jason on December 5, 2013, 12:32 am</b>

Looking quickly down from this sentence, there are a number of things to examine...... “mind stays at thirteen”.... Eric Sloane book Eighty..... “he [Sloane] wrote fifty books that were all clever”.....

Sloane's book <i>Eighty</i> has the “Five Foot Bologna” drawing on the 11th unnumbered page...... and Forrest tells a story in one of the scrapbooks about going grocery shopping and buying bologna.....

So is it the number 80 that's important? Or maybe 13?? Or 50??? If this is the correct blaze, then the quest is nearly over..... so maybe one of these numbers completes the Lat/Long coordinates?? Such that you can now "move with confidence" to the chest location using this last number input?


3 numbers that are important are 50,51 and 80

one of the subtle hints in the book is Sloane wrote 50 books then his 51st book was titled eighty

"if this is the correct blaze then the quest is nearly over" .. im not sure what u mean by that

12-08-2013, 11:27 PM,
Frosty my friend
In this treasure hunt, I would caution against asking questions from Mr Fenn about what is or is not a clue, what may or may not contain a clue

These things are for us to figure out. That is Mr Fenns point, the thrill of the chase

People who ask questions they shouldn’t ask, hoping to gain some advantage, are being dealt with in the harshest way in this hunt. And most or all of them don’t even know it. If you ask a question, you may get an answer, and the answer may be misleading or just flat untrue.

I am totally OK with this by the way. It’s the way things should be done, it is the way to ‘protect’ the treasure hunt. The book and poem, that is it. You decide what may or may not be a clue, and you decide what the clue means. That is it.

Why email Forrest with a question he can’t answer. He may answer a question he can’t answer, and that would be worse. You can’t ask Forrest what warm waters halt is and expect a truthful answer. And if he does answer, he won’t tell you what it is, and it would be a mistake to think he was even giving a clue in his answer. And in my opinion, Forrest is a bit annoyed at questions being asked that shouldn’t be, and is showing a propensity to give misleading answers because perhaps he thinks any person asking such questions deserves it.

Don’t ask Forrest where the clues are in his book, and don’t ask him what or if on the clues in the photos or the drawings, he can’t and won’t tell you.

And the problem is also that when people continue to question, refusing to answer can become an answer or an admission in and of itself, so in the further interest of ‘protecting’ the treasure hunt from someone gaining advantage by asking inappropriate questions, an answer will be given that is untrue. So just don’t ask and you won’t be misled.

Also if Forrest is not going to tell you if he put clues in the photos or drawings, and if he did instruct the artist, then understand that doing an end around and asking the artist directly cannot yield any fruitful answers either.

If F did instruct the artist on the drawings, there would have been some kind of agreement. He cannot talk about it. And if people continue to question the artist and get no reply, pretty soon a consistent refusal by the artist to answer too many people asking the same question becomes apparent as an admission. so the only choice is then to directly answer the one asking the question with untruth.

How can anyone possibly think that you can figure out whether there are clues in the drawings by asking someone involved in the book. you will either not get an answer, or if you do, you cannot trust the answer, how could you?

Forrest would never answer that question, and he would never explain what instructions he gave to the artist on the drawings. That stuff is out of bounds. And if he isn’t going to say, you can be sure the artist can’t say either.
12-08-2013, 11:47 PM,
Frosty my friend
I agree Chris.
12-09-2013, 04:11 AM,
Frosty my friend
who is regan
12-09-2013, 04:27 AM,
Frosty my friend
if you said Ronnie Ray Gun then i'd known who yous talkin bout. only the finest actor evuh.

i think hes known for sometin else too, i forget
12-09-2013, 07:51 PM,
Frosty my friend
i think i may have stumbled onto an important clue correlation between the poem and book

you know the line in the poem where it says

look quickly down your mission to cease

wait i may not have quoted that correctly

12-09-2013, 10:38 PM,
Frosty my friend
Ok here is the part in the poem and I will number the words for the part after the comma because that is what I am focusing on

If you’ve been wise and found the blaze

Look quickly down, Your 91 Quest 92 to 93 cease 94

“Your quest to cease”, begins with the 91st word and ends on the 94th

Bear with me as I give a synopsis of certain things because I think a big picture view of everything F is doing here is needed to see the possible significance

In My War For Me, Forrest tells the story of his second to last mission where he was shot down. he explains that on a previous mission he had a pledge/vow to that ‘magical’ place that he would visit it.

After he was rescued he was granted one more mission, he completed it, and so now having completed his last mission he then finally is able to keep his pledge and visit this place.

This whole story is a referendum on the hiding of the treasure. A bit off the subject, but still related, notice that when Forrest mentions this place for the first time ever, it is page 80 of the book. Stanza 4 begins on the 80th word of the poem, and stanza 4 is all about the place where the treasure is. When you first see it on a map, find the blaze, look down, there it is. When Forrest is done telling the story and explaining the deep meaning it all has to him, it ends on page 103 of the book. the 103rd word is ‘the’ as in ‘the chest’.

After that it is ’and go in peace’ which is the exit, as in Shakespeare said they all have their entrances and their exits. ‘and go in peace’ is the exit, you already have the chest at that point.

The final phrase of MWFM “for I have finally found my way and am at peace with all of it” because at this point you found the chest and that’s where “and go in peace” comes in

Forrest is tying in his last mission with visiting this special place. And by special place, I mean the special place in MWFM, but also where he hid the chest, because really they are both. After his last mission, which was the 328th, he then goes there.

So where in MWFM does he eventually get to the part where he states that he actually completed his last mission and then goes to the special place. This happens all on the same page, 91. His telling of the story, going there and finding the grave markers and what was written on them and leaving by helicopter, this is all completed by page 94 (from page 95 and on he begins self reflection on the meaning of it and also telling some other stories like going home)

Your quest to cease. Your quest, your mission. These words have similar meanings. This line is words 91 to 94 in the poem. This is where his missions had ceased and now he went to the special place.

If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, Look quickly down because, your missions have now ceased, and now you are going to that special place where the chest is, that is the correlation.

So the number 328, I believe that is the clue connection. But tarry scant, or don’t wait long, that may be an addt’l clue as what to do with 328.

When we get to the end of the chapter on page 103 would correspond to Just 101 Take 102 the 103 (chest) 104

And word 101 begins this poem line, take the chest and go in peace, where page 101 gives the Shakespeare quote, entrances and exits

If I am on track with any of this thinking, there may be a big clue in the page 104 photo directly related to the chest, but, I cant think of anything

Btw, anyone know what painting that is? Or how about the man looking down

12-12-2013, 05:42 PM,
Frosty my friend
The number pi is 3.141…

The first 2 numbers of pi are 31 and page 31 is when f first mentions pie

Pie/pies are mentioned again, a total of 4 times, on page 33

Notice the term pineapple pie is using the term ‘pi’ twice in a row

After this the last references to pie are in Totem Cafà Caper on pages 48 and 49

Again a double word reference to pi, with pie behind a pine tree

Interesting to note here, the one story in the book where, based on the photo, appears to be around when F was 17 years old, is this one

If you look at the ID card at the front of the book it says 17 years of age and address 1413 N. Main St

1413 is the numbers of pi in reverse

Page 51 there is again the address 1413 N Main

12-12-2013, 07:48 PM,
Frosty my friend
I think pies are just pies, but I do see them as a hint or clue. The biggest clue that I found on page 33 was not a pie though.

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