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Making my peace with the chase...
07-09-2017, 09:52 AM,
Making my peace with the chase...
It's taken me years to decide if I would ever return here to speak my peace and also clear things up.

I won't be addressing what I believe has been said or inferred about me over the years. What I will address though, is what the thrill of the chase has meant to me and, what I'll be doing to move forward from here.

The thrill began I think for most the same way. A dare by Mr Fenn of adventure and discovery. In saying that, all of us will take something different away from this experience.

For me, it was at first exploring and learning about new places and history.

Growing up without a dad, Forrest for me became like an older father figure. He was someone to look up to, someone who had seen so much in life, one couldn't help but feel honored to sit and learn from him, and to listen to his true life stories and wisdom.

And then some years back the chase for me took a darker turn, one full of peril and pitfalls, full of lies and deceit on the highest levels.

The fun of the treasure hunt has been over for me a long time. I sit back and think about what I've really learned and what God has allowed Forrest to teach me.

I've learned first hand that the world is a very beautiful place. But also its dangerous out there.

I ask myself what is privacy in this world? If someone wants to find something out about you, they can if they try hard enough or care enough.

Me. I'm a simple man. I dream big and love passionately, and I always try to remember what my mother used to say, "Mean what you say, and say what you mean."

Because of the chase, I was also inspired to overcome many personal fears, and put my feet on the path of beginning to learn how to love unconditionally, to love other people without compromise. And to care about people who wish you no good thing. That's been a hard lesson to be learning. Yet in learning this I've come to appreciate people, friends and family that much more.

There have been moments when I absolutely thought I knew where the treasure was. And then I would go there and be proven wrong.

A few days ago after I'd read Forrest's new revelations about the chest and how it's hidden, in my opinion where does that put my solve? At non-existent. But no matter what I say here, some still will believe what they want to believe.

My search was over a year ago but I continued to watch from a distance, because of what I perceived as threats against me and my family. I also watched and wondered if perhaps someone might find it in our lifetime. And now, even watching from a distance is over for me.

Dear Forrest, I know you read these blogs and perhaps all others. My looking for your treasure has been over and I won't be returning to search. There are no hidden meanings in these words. This chase is your dream and your vision, not mine. God be with you and your family, and thank you for teaching me what the real treasure and friends.

To all searchers,
and no offense Forrest, but I don't know if the treasure is actually out there to be found, only you and God truly know that.

If it's ever found one day, I hope the finder will be satisfied in being the one who accomplished such an amazing feat.

Finally, I will say, you all have been in my prayers every night for a long time and will continue to be. I'm sure under different circumstances, some of us might even had been friends.

This message will be my only message here to leave. I won't be coming back to discuss anything. I'm moving away from this treasure hunt. And with deep humility I do this.

I cannot predict what will happen in the future, but I am thankful to have shared these words with you. I don't know ya'll personally, but I can say unequivocally that I do love you all. I do. And may your futures be blessed.

07-12-2017, 06:33 PM,
RE: Making my peace with the chase...
I don't think he reads this forum, if he does highly unlikely this section, have you tried to send him a email he still reads those?



down with the evil twin


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