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welcome to the 200 foot club
07-19-2017, 01:29 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-19-2017, 01:32 AM by lostowl.)
welcome to the 200 foot club
without this Community and the efforts that each and every one of Youse have put into to it theres no way in hell i would have been able to come here and stumble across this for all of US and it truely has been an amazing journey total mind !@#$ my brain is zapped.

so i dont want to totally ruin the Chase and leave a little adventure in it for You guys to enjoy and guess at see how can figureout what i first

so i been doing some studying at Dals lately about how to use the end game clues to get from 500 foot solve to 200 foot solve along with keeping my eye on a recent favorite of mine talk about Mars the one and only findingit and and i truly believe he helped me along with my studies at Dals i used the clue before the blaze to set my course to fly

you need to be on the google maps and setup to see the 500 foot image and measure from the button on the latch zoom out go down to where it says Crowheart zoom in is a postoffice put measurement marker in street should be like 27.4 then you head the same trajectory and double it to like 55 a short distance southwest of this mark is marys lake and diagonally below that is kinda hard to see but one of them blurry chests i found on Monument Peak and on FFs map

the coords i will post so you can go easy way look at it then get on google maps with terrain on is a must to really see the blurry chest and find the hidden images even if you get exactly there

42 54' 00.93" N 109 07 33.23"W

now there is a very precise way i used to find the 200 foot image and you may or may not notice other images at 500 foot when you in the area and one or more of them may or may not change

but i hope You guys enjoy because without You guys i definately never would of stumbled across 200 foot clubs evidence.

thank You for Your time
07-19-2017, 12:03 PM,
RE: welcome to the 200 foot club
whoever posts this first i will give an one of a kinda autographed selfie of me hitting a replica SittingBull Peace Pipe also i have some change sitting around here its not much but You can have it

wouldnt that be cool so gogogogo hurry be the first one to post this yay

think of this like a drop party in Runescape

thank You for Your time
07-19-2017, 12:24 PM,
RE: welcome to the 200 foot club
So your 500ft location and you 200ft location are more than 40+ miles apart....think youre a little lost, Lost! Now where's my selfie? lmao
07-19-2017, 12:30 PM,
RE: welcome to the 200 foot club
lol my Friend but if You dont have Faith in what i say then You are sitting around luaghing while others are in a race to the finish line.

i would highly advise You to go figure it out with great urgency because laugh now cry later you will regret it

thank You for Your time

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