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The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
01-10-2014, 05:56 PM,
The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
I see me on the map of New York! Looks like someone lives close to me also!
01-11-2014, 12:49 AM,
The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
deb, which River is it?
01-11-2014, 01:03 AM,
The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
Hey Steph,

How did I get the map? I have friends that owe me favors at the NSA. They are so good at getting stuff, they already took a plate of your miracle sausage from you. LOL

Anyway, I made myself laugh.

The last line from my post that goes: "<i>Let me know if you have any questions. Here’s an interesting screenshot of geographic distribution of these maps so far. Chasers everywhere</i>"! With that line and the map, this is the last part of Bridger's email to me. That all. Any line that is italics will be Bridger's words. I can't seem to add color to his words to help distinguish my words from his.

I can see if I can get you an answer to who those map owners might be.

Good to hear you are interested in Canada! Of course you know it is hard for me not to share with you the events that lead up to the maps design we now have. It is sooo interesting!!! If you buy up the last 35 maps, the story can be told. Wink

01-12-2014, 12:18 PM,
The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.

I don't know if this is what deb is speaking about but if you have a TFTW. On the map start in Montana, look for a town named Three Forks, which is located between Butte and Bozeman on Interstate 90. The Madison River flows past Three Forks for about 3 more miles and meets up with the Jefferson and Gallatin Rivers to create the Source (the beginning) of the Missouri River. Follow the Missouri River north about 60 miles and you come to a lake called Canyon Ferry Lake.

On your TFTW map you will see next to Canyon Ferry Lake it is labeled <b>Madison</b>. The word <b>River</b> is printed further south. The map implies the Madison River continues to flow 60 miles past its confluence (where it ends).

Per Benchmark, this is just a slip and has no connection to FF at all.

Hope this helps.

01-13-2014, 09:31 PM,
The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
The answer is no, I do not work for Benchmark. Sorry if my last post gave that impression. I reread my post and I can see where you might get that impression. Maybe this caused the confusion: “the maps design <b>we</b> now have”. The word “We” would be you, me or anyone who owns the map. I can see how “we” might imply Benchmark.

If I have confused anyone, I apologize. I hope the following will clear up everything.

What I know about the map, came by chance. After I received my copy of TFTW. I spent a great deal of time looking at every little detail on the map hoping I would find a hidden clue. What I did find were several discrepancies. So I made a call to Benchmark, to find out if these were intentional or just errors. So I am on the phone with Bridger Deville with Benchmark and he said the discrepancies are just discrepancies. It turns out, it’s just a map.

Next Bridger informs me that a new Wall Map is being made and would I be interested in buying a map. Of course I said yes and after I gave him my mailing address he told me I lived just a couple miles from his office. Since I lived so close to his office, he offered to bring the map over to me. Weeks later, we met for breakfast and I got to see my new map signed by Forrest. We talked about the map, our searches for the treasure, we shared thoughts on some clues and at the end of our get-together I asked the <b>big question </b>– what happen to Canada? It is an interesting story and it should be shared.

Some weeks later, I contacted Bridger and asked if I could put a photo of the map on Chase Chat. I needed permission because the maps are copyright protected. I also ask permission to copy and paste his emails. Got the permission for that as well. So I tell Bridger I have one more request, I asked him if he would consider sharing the story of what happen to Canada with the forks at Chase Chat. He was Ok with the idea and he agreed to tell the story when the 100th map is sold.

The Canada story would not be believable if I tell the story. It can only be told by Bridger. When that day comes, I will copy and paste his story.

Hope this helps.

01-14-2014, 07:32 AM,
The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
I wonder if the hypothecical guy in Texas, the one with twelve kids who just lost his job, can afford one.
01-24-2014, 07:53 PM,
The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
Here is the latest email From Bridger with Benchmark.

<i>Hi Larry,

We have 7 maps left at Benchmark. I’m unsure how many are left at Collected Works, but I know they are selling because I’m receiving calls for the certificate and compass story that can only be obtained thru Benchmark. Once these folks send me a pic of their map’s number, I mail them the 2 docs.



Just got off the phone with Collected Works and they have 18 maps. So, 25 maps yet to be sold. Almost there...

Yes, it’s just a map but…

What happen to Canada, the declination lines and ( X ) marks the spot Wink

Cool stories you need to know. <b>just 25 to go.</b>

03-17-2014, 04:07 PM,
The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
What are everyone's numbers for the map? I tried for 1 of 100 (I knew that wasn't going to happen), and then 100 of 100. That had already been taken at that time too. I actually ordered 2 maps. One for my house, and one for my office. They are great conversation pieces. I did get 11 & 50. I decided for the lowest number I could get, and half way through the print. I guess it doesn't make a difference, but that was the trail I took. Anyone else care to share their storie? I think I know the story about the X marking the spot, but it seems to be some sort of secret that isn't being shared until all me maps are sold. Me being new to the forum I don't want to rattle anyone's cage and say what I was told. If it is ok to whoever I will share my info, they just have to give me the ok. Happy hunting.
03-17-2014, 04:11 PM,
The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
Story* Sorry, spelling is horrible, and I didn't catch that when I read it back to myself. haha
03-22-2014, 09:24 PM,
The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
Hey SLM, sorry I missed your post. Great idea to get a map for work. The maps are truly a conversation piece.

When I took my map in to be framed, the store owner laid it out on the counter to take measurements and to lay out different frames styles. Well, the people in the story would walk up to and read it and then turn to me and ask me questions about the treasure hunt they never heard about. Even the store owner’s assistant got interested and thought there was a rhythm or a beat to the poem and he felt it might be coordinates. It’s great to listen to a first timers first impression of the poem.

The same thing happened when I came back to pick up my map. Lots of people to talk to.

The best part was when the story owner said we might be related. He Great Grandparents had the same last name as mine, but they had lived in a different state. When she said Espanola, New Mexico, that blew my mind. I told her my side of the family lives in Santa Fe to Espanola to Penasco to Taos to Mora. Time will tell if I will be getting a Family discount at the frame store…

I have 10 of 100. But 1 of 100 is being saved for the person who finds the treasure. On the X story, best to keep to yourself if you don’t mind. Let Bridger tell the story to Stephanie first and than she can post it. That way it’s not rumor.


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