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The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
03-27-2014, 07:40 PM,
The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
Excuse me for my last out of character post...


Thank you for the very kind comment. So, our search for the chest is fun but having family in our search makes is even better. My grandson knows more about Google Maps verses killing zombies, wow. Best of luck in your trip to find the chest.

Without going in to great detail, map #1 is in Colorado and I was told it could go to the searcher who finds the chest. Give me a little time to see if anything has changed since the first time I was told of #1’s future.


After making several searches myself. I needed a map to fill a void. I considered ripping the map out of TFTW but found it is too small to see from across the room. Will19, the maps you and I have, are worth more than what we paid for them.


I know of the ff’s “X” on the map when Bridger and I meet for breakfast. I think it is somewhere on the map.


Can you imagine, we could have said hello to each other in 1984. Your family and mine family may have bumped into each other back then. Oh no, you might be the little kid that spilled his hot chocolate on my shoes that day. If that was you, I have been looking for payback for 30 years.

We lived in Anchorage, on East Downing Street next to Campbell Creek. Moose would walk along the creek and we could see them from our apartment window. I have to tell this story of our first summer in Anchorage. I was in the apartment parking lot working on our car and I had been at it for hours and then the wife with the baby in her arms come out to see me and there’s a little day light in the sky and she says “are you coming to be bed”? Oh course I said “WHAT”? And she says to me “Honey its 11:30 pm”. What a special place to live. I do miss it.

23kachinas, you have heard this before “Drive North to Alaska”. This is going to sound funny but I got to “Drive South to Alaska”. How many people can say they did that?

Did you get to experience a 24 hour day of sun light? It is awesome to see when the Sun, does not sets below the horizon. At first I could not understand why there was plywood as curtains in our Oil Field Camp Rooms on the North Slope - Prudhoe Bay. It’s than I understood why digital watches had AM and PM. When you have 3 months of solid daylight, it is difficult to know if it is midnight or noon.

I googled Potter’s Marsh, and I think you lived close to the Bird House. Wow, just googled Bird House and see it burnt down in 1996, this is hard to take. Oh so sad to hear this, but back than the wife and I went in this to awesome Tavern and to see what the 1964 earthquake did to this building.

This link should explain what you all who have never been to Alaska have missed.

The following link is how we remembered how the place looked "precisely" when we visited it in 1984.

If you own a “Chase Wall Map” here’s to you!

And To all ff hunters from Chasechat, may one of you become the owner of #1 of 100.

03-28-2014, 08:28 AM,
The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
@ Mr. T great memories of Anchorage. I spent summers in WA state so missed the 24 daylight magic. I warn my brother your looking for him still after 30 years for spilling that hot chocolate on your shoes.

My family drove the ALCAN our last trip out of AK.

Don't know many of the bars since I was under 15 when I lived there. I spent my time at Ocean view bluffs climbing down over the tracks. We walked on the frozen ice flows (yeah I know it's not safe) and made rafts to explore around the ponds. Lucky we had a childhood in such a undeveloped place. Plan to go back there so day to see how it has changed.

Good luck in the chase!


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