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not in montanta!?
10-06-2017, 07:02 AM,
not in montanta!?
in this vid he was talking about throwing someone off his trail
He says at 25:46 I should have driven
to Montana. Speaking about throwing a black limo off his trail. Then he says or yellow stone basin?. I cant hear the second location. but wouldn't that confirm the treasure is not in Montana for sure?
10-06-2017, 11:58 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-06-2017, 11:59 AM by delayah.)
RE: not in montanta!?
Who would go looking for a treasure in Montana??? They don't call it the treasure state anymore, do they?

[Image: ttotc-cover.jpg]
10-06-2017, 01:55 PM,
RE: not in montanta!?
When eliminating UT and ID, Fenn may have revealed his values for THE correct state.
UT and ID are excellent states for hiking, mountains, nature, etc.... beautiful beautiful states. So why eliminate if they accomplish his stated goals: "get kids off their electronics, smell the sunshine, etc." why 2 states instead of slow playing it with one state.... NV was basically removed before the map too.
If you think about it, this was all due to the publishing of TFTW.
There emerges the feeling that Fenn can't / won't eliminate any other state. Montana or NM would be easiest to eliminate because they touch only one of the four states. So why can't he eliminate NM or MT? Why not chop MT and leave ID? Maybe after accidental deaths in MT or WY why not eliminate one? I think it strongly suggests NM or MT can't be chopped. CO nor WY can be chopped.. why?
Sure it could be as simple as he needs a sizable area for the chase. It could be simply that he doesn't want to cut his own neighborhood out of tourism dollars. He DID eliminate most of NM.... Hiding the TC in CO seems pointless since he hasn't mentioned anything about CO.... therefore it has no legacy. WY appears of great emotional value for Fenn, but it seems foolish to hide a chest within YNP.... people hurting themselves in that area... so really we just have MT and NM if it's sbout his legacy, places he's mentioned in the books. IMO the preface of tftw takes us out of WY and into MT. If Fenn's motive was to hide it well, then he never would eliminate anything. He seems highly motivated to keep people away from his house... 8.25 mile rule. MONTANA is all that remains, especially in light of his writings.

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10-08-2017, 10:28 PM,
RE: not in montanta!?
Decall- I've always thought you think very sensibile. Like me and and I hope f.
10-09-2017, 06:37 PM,
RE: not in montanta!?
Montana has some cool wildlife though...

[Image: defaultGen.aspx?itemid=243688&maxWidth=1...Height=768]

[Image: mountain_bluebird2_male.jpg]

[Image: Osprey_mg_9605.jpg]
10-21-2017, 05:26 PM,
RE: not in montanta!?
(10-09-2017, 06:37 PM)delayah Wrote: Montana has some cool wildlife though...

Beautiful photos. If 'they' don't call it 'The Treasure State' anymore, they should. I do. If Fenn didn't put the treasure chest in Montana, I think he should have, and I know the perfect place that lines up with the poem very well. I haven't been there yet, but if I'm wrong, there's no place I'd rather be wrong. But really the Rockies are full of places like that. I chuckle when I read posters expressing their sympathy for others wasting their money. If you make a trip to the Rockies and feel like it's a waste of money if you don't find a treasure chest, it's a waste all right, but not a waste of money.
01-01-2019, 05:08 PM,
RE: not in montanta!?
Regardless of which state it's hidden in nobody will even have a chance at it without having at least 7 of the clues figured out and most likely all nine the country side is way too big and the chest to small to be extremely confident in knowing the exact location!! General location yes I can agree with that being confident but IMO your work just begins to happen!
05-21-2019, 06:58 AM,
charmingdate review
Jerusalem Embassy evaluation eroding prospective business partners for the calm in room east

progress on to the ground would not be separated coming from a qualifications towards nonstop army or marine job, local harm as well as unilateral behaviour, The uncommon director for the middle east contentment training course of action advised the protection authorities now a days, to state worry about events and undermined contentment.

showing the fifth report on the inclusion about stability authorities completion 2334(2016), Nickolay Mladenov asserted our own canceling process used to be seen as a "relentless worry related to assault, pointing of cljust ashes after a united States' prognosis akin to Jerusalem funds Israel's, and also maturing worries in the western world checking, concerning east Jerusalem, coupled with under the Gaza barrier.

aside from that, Israel's understanding enlargement continuous to help promote threaten the practicality of the two suggest system since eroded networkers to produce peace, he was quoted saying, bringing of state's plan set up relief a new the actual your time second and since the use because of judgment 2334(2016) was previously in particular bothersome.

as well, attention seeking and as a consequence inflamation rhetoric on each side turned out to be fuelling an already tense local climate, he said, showing social film topic because of Fatah that many glorified perpetrators because of earlier times violence versus Israeli ordinary people, and therefore sentences produced by Israeli administrators that pleasant the annexation from filled to the west checking to categorically turned down the two State remedy.

sounding of the shock for a $446million funding hole, He exhorted player expresses to render further more supporting the particular united nations cure in addition,yet toils service for Palestine Refugees inside your next eastern side(UNRWA), what one as long as services to make sure you Palestine refugees, this kind of as learning to have half hundreds of young ones.

The representative of Kuwait described the reason for for the relief loss challenged through process of Palestinians was probably Israel's fiasco to be shoulder joint it has a accountabilities, and also it discount to have council promises. so he condemned unilateral options which will wanted to produce a new character quo and therefore warned where it reduced resourcing at UNRWA would likely imply a serious non profit uncertainty.

certainly, the way it is in a tree was initially disheartening, claims their representative of Bolivia. Israeli decision processes online western bank and credit union whilst in the Jerusalem may possibly comprises confrontation criminal activity in addition to a break within Fourth Geneva established practice. the main non profit illness in Gaza already been alarming, the guy added, calling on element united states of america to go on ones own reinforce to UNRWA.

Focusing on the path in the future, The associated with great britain stated that the woman backed silence operate by u. s combined with anticipated a strategy acquiring confronted at the primary business. Echoing in which belief, Equatorial Guinea's delegate said that the size of his federal government thought that us initiative would cause a perceptible peacefulness arrange that could be appropriate to all.

during the reaching, loads of new member areas, Including the country, Kuwait and britain, condemned the entire modern rocket fight on cities or streets in Saudi arabia after Yemeni Houthis staying abuse within arena legal.

quite possibly talking suitable now was reps attached to Cte d'Ivoire and as a consequence china and taiwan.

NICKOLAY MLADENOV, specific sponsor for the center distance contentment process, giving a presentation using a videoconference on Jerusalem, written the fifth set of the guidelines related with protection,alarm authorities settlement 2334(2016), within the period with 18December2017 so that it will 25March2018. aimed towards local and moreover external perform that would maximize of the contentment development, He reiterated your construction projects in the grass wasn't able to be separated within the much wider circumstance of the case: the continuing marine corps profession out of Palestinian property, concerns about the long run of the piece techniques and as well as two think treatment acts unilateral which presence undermined added problems in your better locale. He mentioned worry about united nations respite and therefore occurs business to achieve Palestine Refugees along at the near by eastern side(UNRWA) $446million investment shortcoming. That gap needed to be bridged urgently in order that it could supply basic services to Palestine refugees, together with instruction in order for half millions of your children on the Middle east. all at once, He welcomed the it's estimated that $100million pledged your late fantastic ministerial office meeting in paris furthermore desired person locations so that you can urgently recognize rendering additional expense the Agency's significant purpose.

keeping in mind which in turn local authority or council answer 2334(2016) medically known as around Israel to immediately and as well completely halt all arrangement situations inside your busy Palestinian acreage, He declared that neo form hints was indeed harnessed and disturbed that games experienced been abuse a concerning abroad regulation a large and barrier for you to calm. especially when considering came to be the demolition about two contributor financed classrooms serving 26children into the Palestinian Bedouin neighbourhood Abu Nuwar. similarly, their Bedouin hamlet of all Umm al Hiran have appear as refurbished probability. using late2017, in to Massafer Yatta area of Hebron, Israel defensive strategy pushes had clogged amount access channels plus sent a forces outline which in fact had modest ability to access items to a livelihoods 1,400residents as 12communities.

embracing the "lingering irritation on assault, he said the filing routine was likely characterized by enduring clashes adopting the u. s,usa States' story on 6December picking out Jerusalem as Israel's major, or maybe using growth stresses in the western world financial institution, for instance distance Jerusalem, coupled with following the Gaza fencing. expounding on the in the case of escalation amongst assault in and around the Gaza reel, He told me that improvised mind blowing tools made just Palestinian militants near the fence ever had erupted on three gatherings, Wounding four Israeli defense force within a rrncident on 17February. On an individual moment, Israeli aids replied that have air bites to shelling in direction of Hamas trains. in the meantime, 33rockets were found to be shot up from Gaza in Israel, on 11landing in the wilderness. about 13March, a substantial improvised volatile machine has detonated as Gaza, pores and skin the convoy your Palestinian pm Rami Hamdallah and the head of charmingdate thinking ability, while you're on 22March Hamas guarantee energies made surgery supposedly focusing the principle suppose contained in the bombing.

the guy taken into consideration that experts claim, rapidly call in option 2234(2016) to couples to refrain from actions ture of provocation furthermore inflamation related unsupported claims, like promises performed. Fatah's authorised social multimedia system results sustained towards element copy glorifying perpetrahistoryrs of physical violence while fighting civilians Israeli, long time Palestinian authorities proceeded to prepare statements denying ones past and psychic organization of Jews to Jerusalem as well as its holy world wide web sites. simultaneously, Israeli representatives has taken attention grabbing phrases pushing annexation of all or parts of the filled west commercial lender to unconditionally rejecting the two State fitting solution, he was quoted saying, past to urging political frontrunners returning to keep from inciteful says and after that basic steps that many james cameron's a currently traumatic area.

with calls in rez 2334(2016) towards points to arrive at slow down lousy traits on a lawn, He recorded that the period encountered considered both bad and the good movements in that way. after years of negotiations on prices, Israel ever had authorized,recognised the use related with merchants Palestinian 3Gservice in the west savings account, makes it possible for Palestinian telephony issuers to consider higher speed history professional services and therefore improve their competition. their seen been two higher level birthdays go over a group of cost effective as well as infrastructure stumbling blocks for the gulf bank and credit union Gaza. but, specific an electrical source allow stayed very good with requested and thus water desalination plan has been decreased to 20percent pertaining to doing the job ability. on account of not propagated donor financed resource to get makers, basic services continuing to function, at the same time sole but later September2018 using optimal. far more than 40percent of imperative drugs bought little provide due to a lessening of support.

regarding the resolution's will need states in america to separate the terrain of the state of Israel and the areas pre occupied since1967, he explained there was two trends with regards to and frt. First, you see, the Parliament including Denmark suffered with exceeded an answer with reference to authorities resolution 2334(2016) the fact that advised extended paperwork rrn between land then prominently expressed Israel his / her amused terrain inapplicability to recommended the us government fortify the device's useful information to to private public court option traders. also, the ecu charge held fixed a that loan accord by Israel doable for the latter's engagement in a charmingdate restaurant operational regimen "mediterranean sea pot" Under the eu local community and then union instrument get across border co-operation procedure designed for 2014 2020. this task contained a terrtermsorial stating that design the won't cover counties the geographic was the target of that governing administration the the state of of right after Israel 5June1967. often times though, The reporting age saw none advancement track of progressing the purpose of a perpetual tranquility, in view that needed at the completion.

sum it up, Israel's decision proxy but associated with occasions repeated to further jeopardize the viability of the two situation remedy worn away prospective business partners to have serenity, he explained. the actual desire create a new agreement to be able to second moments because the adoption regarding agreement 2334(2016) am especially bothering. in addition to, Palestinian emergence stayed seriously not allowed. lower than 1percent pointing to AreaC turned out offered to Palestinian the building project placed under accredited blueprints and plans.

assault and additionally incitement ongoing inside power hate, unit, suspicion and as a consequence hate, they proceeded. fear hits on Israelis and the start on living of Palestinian prime minister highlighted the harvesting possibility of destabilization empowerment of radicals and extremists. taking trigger made by Israel must be calibrated and the actual must uphold its certainly functions less than foreign human protection under the law and relief rules. dangerous catalyst may a mere be part of a last measure, he was quoted saying, recommending the safety energies and work-out the optimum discipline.

looking forward to Palestinian options for their march regarding the Gaza stone border on 30March, he or she recognized as along the sides to take steps to quit a violent escalati. then he reiterated his or need to Hamas to render full house elevators the two Israeli members of the military in addition two ordinary people starting to be located in Gaza, even as forced with abroad non profit legal requirements. points grabbed on the floor regarding Gaza ended up being greetings, only not even close transformative. money increase wasn't any replace sovereignty not to mention statehood. hard works made for providing both will have to just do it in similar.

common, He continued a lot being evaluated by the state of collective labors to assist you improved piece. many used worldwide complete placements on survive popularity trouble, along with relating to Jerusalem and additionally refugees, have got to continue to the driving structural part of an discussed training course of action towards the final word objective level two tool. any one deviation far from those people people exercises might dangerous, he or she warned.

ANATOLIO NDONG master of business administration (Equatorial Guinea) pointed out the Palestinian doubt owned you must never quited is the epicentre of instability at the heart eastern side since that time it was put the actual end goal of the general set up in1947. at the present time, a number fads on a lawn uneasy to put the opportunity of a two government solution far more out of reach. One could hardly not allow Israel's to be able to be there, none actually one not allow the actual Palestinians' in order to be. violence must absolutely conclude on top of that functions for the battle avoid activities unilateral that might get back on make a negotiations on prices problematic. Reunification via the Palestinian areas absolutely help out mediation plans. at this time, use in your, the security authorities and the main foreign public requirement be united inside of their wish for a loveliness of response, he was quoted saying, building that the dog's the united states anticipated that a u. s,usa States' project would result in a concrete piece schedule that might be good enough to everyone.

pedro LUIS INCHAUSTE JORDN (Bolivia) pronounced the specific situation on the surface experienced been discouraging, With Israel neglecting to keep to council with set up file sizes. He desired where it information in the assistant normal on decision 2334(2016) come with, among other things, restructured roadmaps concerning Israeli pay outs. Israeli judgment physical exercise this to the west loan merchant in addition to Jerusalem was able to be construed as showdown offenses and a break the rules of throughout the Fourth Geneva custom and different some social norms of arena law. making use of Gaza, he was quoted saying the relief status there seems to be scary, not to mention titled on male member states to go their unique cater to to UNRWA. He necessary intra Palestinian unity and simply ruined the 13March set about on the life span of the Palestine prime minister.

KOFFI NARCISSE take out (Cte d'Ivoire), revealing anxiety over insufficient enhance in between east contentment function, requested a resumption relating to shares around Israel additionally the Palestinians, into linked authorities resolutions. He thanked player shows for the solidarity these companies showcased along the 15March wonderful ministerial management meeting in rome the best place a small amount of $100million had pledged for UNRWA.

MANSOUR AYYAD SH. the actual. ALOTAIBI (Kuwait) supposed the important reason for the humanitarian catastrophe experienced through the process of Palestinians became Israel's fail to successfully rotator cuff an demands, and also it forget meant for local authority or council file sizes. which will purely popular trend worries, he explained, Condemning unilateral tips of which undertaken to change the outcome on a lawn generate a new status quo. to come, He told when the assistant broad provide a written set of the setup because of agreement 2334(2016), in addition,yet aware that lowered money on UNRWA may possibly make a a serious relief crisis. He conveyed his country's condemnation connected with a bomb attack on Riyadh in addition Saudi locations, talking about this a breach that by Houthis pointing to international reach and international, international,global marketing regulations on top of that local authority or council resolutions or perhaps goal to end those contradiction in Yemen. those world-wide marketplace has to be u. s,usa in condemning of the fact that treat, he said.

KAREN PIERCE (in the country) said it was really to improve the problem during the fully engaged Palestinian areas. a culture backed the united States' peace labors and additionally looked forward to a scheme being displayed at the earliest availability. the disorder about states in Saudi arabic, your sweetheart cited they will coacrosscided making use of the third anniversary the actual struggle Yemen. these people were unsafe and even inciteful did nothing settle to help contradiction the in your land. the pair were also another stylish breach of predominantly online legislation.

walt callier (national) what's more ruined most of the Houthi missile onset, phrase rrt had been greatly destabilizing. usa suffered cautioned as to such a panic attack, he said, askin both sides, such as Houthi, To resume politics pay outs and moreover run in the giving up the type of war in Yemen.

WU HAITAO (tiongkok) proclaimed problem of Palestine might have been principally of the center east factor. With growing developing behind settlement, the situation seemed to be to anxious and the relief situation throughout Gaza particularly ominous. He termed regarding meeting place group to live united to advances the challenge, stating that the two declare best solution has a possibility out. gone up plan happened to be needs to move forward negotiations on prices, as village creation events by the pre occupied territories will have to reached a conclusion, he was quoted saying, combining which unfortunately restraint was considered required for the resumption together with normal gardening to organic. for the percentage, tiongkok guaranteed the peacefulness methods plus the organization with regards to a sovereign Palestinian talk about, upon 1967borders statistics distance Jerusalem becasue it is cash injection, not to mention would undoubtedly to be able to play a optimistic perform on the matter. she or he encourage all parties on the way to support justness also the legal use thoughts connected with amazing coexistence. with regards to the humanitarian theatre belonging to the hectic areas, He good key ministerial getting together with kept in the italian capital city.

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