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This is way off topic...please forgive me....
10-21-2017, 04:36 PM,
This is way off topic...please forgive me....
But, why is it that only white people can be bigots in this country, but no one else can? I have been around long enough to know that white people do not have a monopoly on this one. There is enough bias and hate to go around the world at least 7 billion times. Yes, back before the mid-60s their was white privilege...because no matter what income bracket you were in if you were white, you got the longer end of the stick every time. But today that is not the case, there is no more white separate restrooms, segregated schools or hotels, segregated neighborhoods, bus terminals, bus seating, balconies for colored people, being shutout from eating at certain restaurants if the owner wished not to serve minorities/people of color, redlining for insurance companies, etc. No, those days are long gone, but for some reason, some still think that white privilege is alive and doing quite well, they're living in a dream world. Every white person that I know struggles just like I do..I don't see any of my white friends having an advantage over me because they are white...back in the day they might have enjoyed certain perks because of the color of their skin thanks to the Jim Crow laws that enforced those perks, but not today. And, for the record, the Jim Crow laws in the South also applied to the North, but it wasn't called Jim Crow in Indiana or PA, it was called, "I'm the owner and I can keep anyone out if I don't want them to eat here."

We live in the greatest country in the world, and do you know how I know that, because you are free to leave it and never come back if you choose to do so.

When Americans start to kneel at games in protest due to inequality in America, all that is telling me is that they haven't been on too many vacations outside of this country, because if they have, they would be standing tall with their right hand over their hearts.

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