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Florida in Frosty
01-01-2018, 10:52 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-01-2018, 11:18 PM by Chmaanta.)
Florida in Frosty
On page 49 of the book, there is a drawing of Frosty pointing at Forrest. Frosty's right arm makes a shadow of vertical lines. These lines seem to be a stylized Florida in reverse. If you don't see it, trace out the vertical line region under his arm and flip the paper over.

The "creases" in the shadow seem to be highways that lead to Tallahassee. (Highways 98, 319, and maybe I-10). Atlanta would be about the right distance to the start of the crease on his shoulder.

Frosty's shoulder strap for his apron is also a good approximation of the Mississippi river from St. Louis down to the gulf. If you simplified the river over that stretch you would get three lines that follow the three directions/bends of his strap pretty closely.

Next, the back of his around to the top seems to be Interstates, with the top of his head being I-80. His forehead has a funny zig-zag in it. This seems to correlate with the Omaha/Council Bluffs region.

The "2" in his ear seems to be around Independence, KS, but that's just a guess. I think there's more too, but I would need to overlay a transparent version of the image over a map. It is intriguing, though because of the way Frosty is pointing at something.

I've previously posted that the boys playing marble map out Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. I'm wondering if there isn't a way to assemble some of the drawings via a US map. I'm not good with Photoshop so maybe someone out there can do better than I in this regard.

In other news, I sometimes find that 10-letter words with double L's in them show up more often than I might expect.

Best of luck to all.
01-26-2018, 11:44 PM,
RE: Florida in Frosty
I found some time and a way to overlay the Frosty image on a US map. The way it lines up with the US makes it seem impossible to be anything other than intentional. The shadow under his arm is Florida where both Tallahassee and Orlando line up. His apron strap is the Mississippi river for most of it, except that the "hook" at the end takes it up the Arkansas river and ends at Little Rock, Arkansas.

Here are the steps I took:

1. Get Adobe Illustrator
2. Take a high resolution image of the page
3. Convert to an image trace in Illustrator
4. Reverse it
5. Overlay on a US map, making the image a little transparent so you can line up features
6. Slightly stretch the image to line up (Remember that Forrest says he stretches the truth a little bit)

If you do this for yourself, you'll agree that the alignment is obvious. I would post an image, but you can't do that with this website unless you download some app, which I'm not going to do.

Anyhow, the question becomes "What is Frosty pointing at?" The answer is "It depends on which map you use."

If you use the old style map where Alaska and Hawaii are insets in the lower left, he is pointing directly at Juneau, Alaska (his right knuckle is at Honolulu, Hawaii). If you use a map of North America, including Mexico, then he is pointing directly at La Paz on the Baja peninsula. Or, if you use another projection, you get the Gulf of Mexico. Basically, like Forrest said, the correct analysis depends on "having the right map".

It's easy to line up Florida and the Mississippi (and other landmarks), but the further you get away from those anchors, the more errors build up with different types of maps and projections.

One other thought is that maybe the goal is to line it up, then you use the way the coastline interacts with some of the line drawings to get a complete picture. Some of the combined shapes seem curious, but my brain doesn't see anything. Still worth mentioning.

Anyhow, I consider this highly intriguing and I hope that someone finds it useful. Maybe a map expert can weigh in and enlighten me in some area.
01-27-2018, 12:50 AM,
RE: Florida in Frosty
Nice work. The only thing that comes to mind is his brother died in a diving accident in Mexico.
01-30-2018, 01:17 AM,
RE: Florida in Frosty
I pursued the concept of Frosty pointing at La Paz. Some interesting things came up.

1. California was likely named after a literary Muslim queen. It's literally Caliph-ornia. I'm kind of surprised I had not heard before that the state's name has that history. Anyhow, Baja California literally means lower Caliph-ornia. Could be a reference to the "To the Caliph I am dirt, but to the dirt I am Caliph" quote in his book.

2. John Steinbeck's "The Pearl" was written with La Paz as the location. It's online for free and I recommend it in case you haven't read it before (or it's been a long time). It's talks about what can happen when you get rich fast and people around you hear about it. Maybe a coincidental or not moral lesson.

3. The book was published in November 1947. There is a postmark for Saturday, 8 August 1947 in Fenn's book. However, the 8th was not a Saturday. There were two months that year that were... March and November. So you can shift the month forward by three and then the postmark correctly gives the date of publication of "The Pearl". I showed in my thread on the Oxford Modern Book of Verse that the same methodology could be used to convert the first postmark in the book to the correct month and year of its publishing. That's now two books where changing the month to get the day of the week correct seemingly confirms the book as being important. Curious...

Anyhow. My policy is to be 100% transparent so hopefully this is helpful to somebody. The money doesn't much matter to me so much as following the thrill of the chase.

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