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Random Thoughts and Beowulf
01-23-2018, 11:15 AM,
Random Thoughts and Beowulf
So, I was thinking about the poem and the “word that is key” on the drive home, and despite the many objections, I still can’t let go of some anagram possibilities. In particular, the line:

“Put in below the home of Brown,” because it’s short, and a stand-alone sentence.

So, I thought…hmmm…that line actually contains “poem,” so:
Hut in below the poem of Brown…
But in the low poem beofhrown…
Tho’ in the poem Beowulf brown…

Most scholars of Old English agree that Beowulf is an Old English term which would be “Bee-Wolf” in modern English. If that’s true, the term is a “kenning”: a sort of riddling wordplay for the reader. So what is a bee-wolf? The answer is likely to be some kind of animal which acts like a hungry wolf even when faced with bees.

Sweet (1876) was the first to argue that a bee-wolf is probably actually a brown bear (U. arctos). Bears in modern European folklore are notoriously fond of honey, and will attack bee hives ignoring the stings to get at the honey found inside. They are also popular comparisons for heros. One of the common Old English terms for a warrior or lord is ‘beorn’ a word cognate with the Norse bjorn (a bear). This remains the most popular explanation to this day.

In addition, the Beowulf manuscript includes a text, “The Marvels of the East”

But tarry scant with MARVEL gaze...

And, didn’t (doesn’t) Fenn have a pet named Beowulf?

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