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9-Letter Key Word
01-29-2014, 06:38 PM,
9-Letter Key Word
There has been a few spotty posts about key words that could be used to unlock the poem. I think its a great romantic idea for a puzzle to have a secret and mysterious word that somehow when inserted into the fabric of the poem causes it to unravel and reveal the hidden meaning. This topic can explore that avenue; though many may not agree that there could possibly be such a solution ... and that's fine, but constructive criticism is required please. After all, we are mostly entertaining fancy and fantasy, but you never know where it will lead.

That said:

The nine-letter key would be a logical place to begin. Nine clues, Nine letters.



I like this one because "...the clues if followed PRECISELY will lead to the treasure..." page 132



I like this one as well " it would be DIFFICULT to find but not impossible." page 131

01-29-2014, 06:44 PM,
9-Letter Key Word
so what do you do with those words and why are you numbering above them 1 thru 9
01-29-2014, 06:54 PM,
9-Letter Key Word
Well one use is to see if a keyword or another sentence (code) can produce other meaningful words or anagrams from the sentences or words in the poem, you will get a lot of "cl i mgcm pyyq" type stuff, but you need just one good readable word or two to unlock the poem, Maybe.

Go to this Wiki link

or google search for "The Alphabet-Cipher, Lewis Carroll"

These (same areas) instruct how to use a simple Alpha Cipher scheme.
01-29-2014, 06:56 PM,
9-Letter Key Word
just in case someone doesn't want to count the letters themselves.

Well that's the trick isn't it. I like the idea but have not discovered a meaningful way of using a "key".

For example:

One could assign a letter in alphabetical order to each line of the poem, omitting "X" and possibly combining "Y" and "I" ("Why (Y) is it that I must go..")

Then using the key word in order, find each letter in successive occurrence and translate that into the corresponding alpha letter labeling each line and thus you may arrive at a new word or phrase that may indicate the geographic location of the treasure. At this point you would have knowledgeably arrived at the correct location and you can go about looking for the blaze etc...
01-29-2014, 09:17 PM,
9-Letter Key Word
Smile Bucky48,

Poem line #22 "cold"

1 letter of 9 for a possible Keyword...HILLCREST

Cold & Ice, Superman’s “Fortress of Solitude” in the North, his special place…even in Canadian $$ posted, Kryptonian language utilized.

Superman Postmark page 36.

Place in circle…TEMP…stop "halt" block

I used a Blaise Table

## 15,

As dates range from 2 – 28…a difference of 26 (alphabet)

apply a Ceasar Shift of 2, 15-2=13

13 alpha letter is M

so KEY Row on Table is M ( upside down W )

T = H

E = S

M = A

P = D

Read KEY Column is DASH.

Please disregard if you R a poem purism.

Smile Match, Strike, Spark, Blaze, Fire, Light

Smile The Golf C & C S

01-29-2014, 10:08 PM,
9-Letter Key Word
I tried, but you lost me after "cold"

Give me a hint as to how or what to get HILLCREST ( I really want to know) There are some other lines I'm lost on. I get the Ceasar Shift line ok. you can e mail to my userid at yahoo if you want.

all others FYI: You can use a book as a key, you just need book name, page number supplied to you some how. An example of a book code is the Beale Code on wiki. read The deciphered message section. IE: You can just replace the 1st letter of your poem with the first letter of the KEY's first letter, then go to 2nd, and so on. Maybe all yall know that , I didn't.
01-30-2014, 12:27 AM,
9-Letter Key Word
Smile Musstag,

Hillcrest is a 9 letter word, Bucky48 requested 9 letter length word for his application as a keyword for poem, his 9 clues each equal a single letter, resulting in a word that length.

Page 147 TTOTC, 1st line, "row 4 of block 23 at the Hillcrest Cemetery,"

Blaise - De - Vigenere Table, ( the end [Z] is ever drawing nigh

poem line # 10, construction technique )

row 4 = key row 4 is alphabet letter "D" (knowlege d), go across and Halt at cipher block # 23 cipher letter "Z", travel up to the top of that column results in plaintext letter "W"

I give an example outside the poem of a Keytext letter used instead of a Keyword,(maybe 1 letter of his possible 9 letter keyword he seeks) "W" / "M".

Page 36 TTOTC postmark is the date that 1ST issue of Superman comic,,00.html 15 APR 1938

(published APR 1938,issue cover date June {sister} 1938)(aware of 18 apr)

All the 20 postmarks range in date ## from 2 to ## 28, the difference of 26 matches the # of alphabet letters, thus adjusted this particular postmark by 2, from 15 minus 2 = 13, 13th alphabet letter is "M".

I used a Blaise Table, for page 36 postmark,

the keytext row "M" is used for all 4 circled letters in TEMP ( TEMPLE, TEXAS )

keytext row "M", travel across and Halt at ciphertext letter "T" (of ["T"EMP]LE, TEXAS), travel up that column to top plaintext letter "H".

did the same for next 3 circled letters EMP, using keytext row "M"

Results that [ TEMP] decrypts into HSAD, reverse HSAD results into plaintext word "DASH" or "D ASH"

So this an example of using 1 keytext letter "M" to decrypt 4 ciphertext letters "TEMP" into 4 plaintext letters "HSAD" / "DASH".

The M and W are intials of ff father & brother, and M & W is a mirror image letter.

ff father is buried in Section 5W block 23 row 4 at Hillcrest Cemetery.

Superman had a special place he went to that was cold and ice in the north called "Fortess of Solitude", 75th anniversary of Superman, Canada issued commemorative coins also contain writing in Kryptonian.

ff secrete "d" the treasure chest in his private special place. Kryptonian is a wordplay on Greek Kryptos, hence "Crypt"ology.

poem line #22 "ef FORT"... "WORTH"

postmark page 34 " FO RT WORTH"

For poem purism followers should disregard this post.

Smile Match, Strike, Spark, Blaze, Fire, Light

Smile The Golf Chess & Cheese Society

01-30-2014, 12:29 AM,
9-Letter Key Word
01-30-2014, 12:28 PM,
9-Letter Key Word
IWGOLF, thanks, I got a little more meaning from that on the 1st reading, so there is hope that I may understand more. One thing about keywords, something has to lead you to it. Like Newton led to APPLE in the book and movie. maybe Fenn is FUNNY.
01-30-2014, 12:35 PM,
9-Letter Key Word
red, black, green

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