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Forrest's Missing Book?
02-18-2018, 04:45 PM,
Forrest's Missing Book?
I think there has been some discussion of Forrest changing his count of books he has published (or written?). The following book may have been counted at one time because it was published by Fenn's company (One Horse Land and Cattle Co.)

The Fenn Cache: Clovis Weapons & Tools Hardcover – Illustrated, April 28, 1999
by George Frison (Author),‎ Bruce Bradley (Author). "Illustrated with Pete Bostrom's beautiful, three-view color photographs of each artifact, as well as detailed line drawings by Sarah Moore and imaginative illustrations of Clovis people and activities by Glen Strock."

No doubt Forrest was heavily involved in the production of this book, and may well have paid for its production. Actual sales were probably very small.

Could this explain the discrepancy? (And help Becky get to sleep at night?)

02-18-2018, 05:30 PM,
RE: Forrest's Missing Book?
I have thought so. For a long time I kept looking at Star Valley WY because that is where the Cache was found.
02-19-2018, 02:55 PM,
RE: Forrest's Missing Book?
I've not seen this discussion or concern on how many books Fenn put out. If the discussion or discrepancy relates to Fenn's statement at the end of the preface in TTOTC where he identifies this book as the 'ninth in twenty six years' consider the following theory....

Fenn is hinting at the periodic table doesn't matter if this book is the ninth or if he's been telling stories for 26 years. They are probably close to the correct values but hes using those numbers no matter what to hide a message. His words in the last two paragraphs are below:

I tend to use some words that aren’t in the dictionary, and others
that are, I bend a little. My only goal in this endeavor is to talk about a
few of my life experiences and if any readers over the age of twelve
don’t see a little of themselves in this mirror, then maybe they deserve
another turn.
This book is my ninth in twenty-six years of casually recounting
the things I enjoy most. My books have to write themselves or I
struggle. This one did.

Three numbers 12, 9, 26. He says 'over the age of twelve'...BE 4 is "over" 12 on the table
9 is F and 26 is FE....the message is BE F FE...Be Forrest Fenn....
I want this to be a fair fight. I'll shoot him in the back myself. That's the Code of the West!


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