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9 and 112 in Fenn's latest hint...
02-19-2018, 06:00 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-22-2018, 05:01 PM by knighterrant.)
9 and 112 in Fenn's latest hint...
Yes this relates to using the Periodic Table, I'm not going to recap that here just examine his recent item on Dal's website titled The Treasure Hunt Gets Personal....

The following email exchange was between a searcher named Jeffrey and Forrest:

Hi Mr Fenn
February 9th is my wife Kandy’s birthday.
So, by your inspiration, I bought five birthday cards and wrote in each one then put a $20 bill in each card. Then, I hid them in different places in our house. I did this the first week of January and didn’t tell her they were hidden in the house. She accidently found the first one. I had written 1 of 5 on the outside of it. She now hunts several times a day for the other cards. So far she has found 2 of the five. She tells her friends about the chase, then they quickly volunteer to help for a percentage of the take. She declines the offer with a smile.

Thanks for the idea.

Forrest Responds
That is a good story.

Hi again Mr Fenn
You have made Kandy and I’s day and made us smile.
I grin every time she is close to one of the remaining cards or when she jumps up to go check another spot. Guests have volunteered their thoughts on hiding places and ask her if she checked the freezer. She wanted a hint and asked if she was warm. Since we have a basement I told her they were upstairs. Now I have a pat answer for every question, if you are upstairs you are warm…Smile


So start off with the date 2/9......TO NINE?
He then mentions wife Kandy...Candy? Candy Ann? Candy Ann coincidentally appears on pages 92 and 93 of book, and is also provided by 'fairplay' Fenn in the free pdf. Add the numbers in the text around the pictures....four fighters, Sandy 4, A1/C....4+4+1=9 Coincidence?

There are "stairs" in the periodic table...if you are up them you are 'warm'...Where are you?

Now for the might seem a bit contrived or arbitrary but there has to be a twist or trick....its a puzzle after all...and we are going to look at other examples of him doing the same thing....

5 envelopes with 20 dollars each...100 total dollars in add the rest of the, one, 1, 5, 2, 5 = 115. But remember she has NOT FOUND 3 envelopes....115-3=112.

Contrived and arbitrary? Maybe...just like anagrams, its easy to play with numbers to make them say what you want.

Check out Fenn's tale I Never Go of my favorites, I can't stop laughing at Practice Beauty and Random Acts of Pleasure...also provided by 'fairplay' Fenn for free on his blog.

Add the numbers in the story...5(items) 20 (twentyish) 6 (6 packs) 83 (my 83 years) 3 (3 points) wind up with 117. But reading comprehension is required for the twist...he says he munched on saltines during the game...implication is that he didn't buy the 5 items in his cart and if you read the story closely it implies he left in embarassment rather than checking out. Subtract 5 and you get 112.

Noteworthy as well is the repeated use of CO in this story...COwboys, COrona, TabasCO, BronCOs, Does the CO refer to Colorado, possibly because 112/285 from Fenn's house takes you there. Or perhaps its COpernicum 112...he can't very well use Cn too easily as a hint. There's possibly more here...the items in the cart are all 'red' but I'm just focusing on the numbers atm....

Now go to another story of Fenn's: Cactus Cowboy's..also provided on his blog. The twist here is to discount any large numbers (i.e. over Fenn's age perhaps?) 2 (pulitzers), 3 (decades), 30 (born30), 60 (60 times), one (he was one), one (on one hip), 15 (age fifteen)....the numbers sum to 112. Also conspicious in this story is the repeated use of CO primarily in Cowboys and Cows.

Now to Sweet Fragrances....
A veritable spice drawer of rabbitholes...I'm sure there are other 'hint's' here and there...the reference to warm is obvious...but let's focus on the numbers.... 72 (bottles), 4 (inches), 3 (seconds), 2 (full jars), one (one way), one (one is punguent), one (one day), one (this one), 3 (inches), 3 (bottles)....sum to 91....and for the twist because it cannot be obvious of course....there are 21 items listed in boldface (he lists cloves twice for example in bold but not the third time..why? because he needs 21)
91 plus 21 gives us our 112 yet again.

There's more references...maybe I'll continue in a bit but this post is long enough. Taken individually they might seem contrived or arbitrary but when the same thing manifests repeatedly there might be something to it.

One time happenstance
Two times circumstance
Three times enemy action

EDITED to state that the analysis of the numbers in these stories is incorrect. I was not aware at the time that Fenn republished these stories later on in his books. In the more current years he updates his age which eliminates the theory that the numbers are meaningful unless they are a reference to a point back in time in which case Fenn would need to update them to keep them 'current'. Thanks to OH for pointing out the stories have been changed. And per OH the word counts prior to the age have been altered along with the age so that remains a constant...this bolsters his word count theory.
I want this to be a fair fight. I'll shoot him in the back myself. That's the Code of the West!


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