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You can feel it coming
12-22-2018, 12:41 PM,
RE: You can feel it coming
>>"We've been there, we worked two and three jobs, delivered newspapers before going to work. We started our own business and continued to work the other jobs. "

You know what, I've been there too. I didn't give up and with determination I made it work. I'm not going to claim I didn't have an advantage over many people - I did. I was lucky enough to get the blessing of great parents who instilled in me the importance of hard work and getting a good education.

I paid for my flight training with an early withdrawal of my 401K when I was 30. I took a chance and it paid off.

Look, I'm not blind. I know there are people that are born into very difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, that's just how human life is - some are lucky and some are not. What matters most is how you use what you're given and whether or not you're grateful even for the smallest blessings, imo.

I'm not dumb enough to say Capitalism is perfect, but it sure does beat socialism/communism, imo.
12-22-2018, 01:28 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-22-2018, 01:28 PM by crazyfamily.)
You can feel it coming
What good is success if you can't enjoy it with everyone around you. I want everyone to be successful, and that requires attainable opportunity. I don't want people on government assistance their whole lives, so lets make programs that work, that help people get up.

It starts in school, and public schools are the most direct way to positively influence the population. Is it a coincidence that public schools are under siege from wealthy conservatives trying to reduce their taxes?

I had a friend who moved back to town from LA. He needed a place to stay and a car for a month because he left his in California, or something. After a month I told him that the car was done and he needed to get his own car. So he did. That program worked. I could have said, "get lost, go mooch off of someone else" but what would that have done.

It was a simple idea, but what is different about that and what goes on in public assistance programs comes down to expectations. There are no expectations that those in assistance programs will move on, to jobs, or housing, or whatever. It just perpetuates itself. Should we tell them to go mooch somewhere else? Of course not. We need programs that actually do something, and that takes resources(taxes). If we continually cut programs while giving the wealthiest Americans tax cuts, farmers entitlements, corporations tax cuts, then I would expect the poor to start burning the place down. After all, they would have nothing to lose.

I think it's way past time to move beyond the mentality that we need a dumb population to work in our crappy jobs and make real investments into our people. Make our public schools the best by providing the resources(taxes) they need to educate. Why do teachers spend their own money for classroom supplies?! Why do schools ask parents to buy classroom supplies? It's reprehensible. Consequently, the more affluent school districts have more money to spend on their classrooms and the rest beg for supplies. That's not socialist or capitalist, it's just wrong. We can change it, but not by cutting funding(taxes) for programs.

There's enough data out there to see the path to success for our children. And when I say OUR children, I don't mean my child. We need to start thinking of the children in America as our children because, one way or another, we will be taking care of them.

From the Huffington post:
"The data shows that children who cannot read by the third grade are four times less likely to graduate than students who can read by that age. Additionally, high school dropouts are three times more likely to be incarcerated than high school graduates. So, not reading by third grade may dramatically increase one’s chances of eventual imprisonment.

Of course, it's just one example, but I think it's the place to start.

So, naturally, Trump hires Betsy DeVos. It's about as big of a joke as hiring Rick Perry for...what's that department...uh, oops.

12-22-2018, 05:00 PM,
RE: You can feel it coming

Your post above is thought provoking, and I commend you for keeping this discussion cerebral.

However, I do take issue with some of what you say because some of your statements border on being cliché or typical generalizations, imo.

When I have more time I will expand on what I mean by "cliché or typical generalizations."

Happy holidays!

12-24-2018, 12:30 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-24-2018, 01:30 AM by crazyfamily.)
You can feel it coming
So, you've no doubt heard the cliché that the proof is in the pudding. Well, here's some pudding:

[Image: 6162281bd8c554a85467d2fb871feabb.jpg]

Our 401k looks like it's gonna finish out the year down about -5.5%(above the 9% of income that we've contributed over the year for a net loss of -13%) in the middle of a strong economy. Why? I'm not a financial person so I have to rely on professionals' opinions and experience. Our 401k is managed by professionals, but when I was managing it I was getting about +15% annually. If I were a multi-millionaire with say $1,000,000 in my 401k I'd be down about -$55,000. That's about what a Tesla costs.

[Image: 39e4a2d89bd1fa0c4062a17c810255f8.jpg]

This hasn't happened since 2008. Everyone remember what was happening in 2008? So, Trump is causing a market crash all the while he believes that he knows how to run the government...remember? Like a business? Yes, it seems to be going exactly like his businesses.

01-10-2019, 01:28 AM,
You can feel it coming
Well, I'd like to take the credit for this brilliance, but I know all too well that it's just that obvious.

[Image: caeea59a999db4b09fd27bd11e417230.jpg]

"Trump is surrounded not by the “best,” but by the dumbest people. And, like his Taj Mahal casino—along with all the other businesses that ultimately went bust—the nation’s debt is soaring under the genius businessman’s tutelage, a situation that has become significantly more precarious as his pointless shutdown reaches its 19th day."


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