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More Chase Definitions/Word Origins You Might Not Have Heard
04-19-2018, 03:32 PM,
More Chase Definitions/Word Origins You Might Not Have Heard
Oliver, fairy, white, knot in hair, hiccup, Eldridge, arrowhead

ARROW- arc, the thing belonging to the bow, a mark like an arrow, flash, streak, splinter

ARC- part of a curved line, bow, arch, vault, arrow, juniper, brittle willow,

ARCH-- chief, principle, anything having a curved form (eyebrow, feet)

BOW- to bend, a looped knot, bow hand is the left hand, on the wrong side, inaccurate, to turn back

RULER- suffix -arch from "beginning, origin, first place" archon, governor (pilot, or one charged with ruling an institution)
Eric-- honored ruler -- move in a straight line
Donald- bottom, foundation, ruler of the world, to be strong, deep, hollow, earth

Wal-- prefix means to be strong --ambivalence, Donald, valor, valiant, Walter, be well, BE WORTH,

Eliot - elf ruler
Polemarch- leader who begins or leads a war

Tyrant- cruel ruler
Archon- to begin, rule, lead the way, be first

Alaric- all-ruler, move in a straight line

Adonis - base a-d-n which means ruler

Principal - main part, ruler,
Caliph - to succeed, ruler

Rich- old English RICE, of high rank, wealthy, ruler, from reg--move in a straight line
Regular- straight piece of wood, rule, from regol- canon, law, standard, pattern
Soldier of a standing army

Shalom, Solomon--peace

Caesar- a sheriff in 1900 was a great "seizer." Keiser

Church key-- can or bottle opener

Queen- wife- chess piece

America-- work ruler, feminine- Amelia, which also means laborious

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